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Never heard of him. Turns out he's anonymous, a trump critic who emerged from his administration a few years ago when the president called just another New York Times scam of fraud, Anonymous Gnome or Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff, the Department of Homeland Security has claimed authorship of the New York Times Op ed, published in 2018 and escaping book published last year, titled A Warning. But the newspaper piece in the book described the president is incompetent and unfit for office. Taylor left the administration and has recently been an outspoken in public critic becoming a contributor at CNN. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany calls Taylor the epitome of the swamp, the two faced liar who push their own agenda. Jared Albert Fox News The FBI's warning of more cyber attacks ran somewhere extortion with hackers targeting healthcare systems. In the U. S. Last month, Universal Health Systems was hit shutting down computers affecting doctors in patient care. The Corona virus did a number on sports in 2020, with long delays and some canceled events and either reduced crowds or not at all, And already something's been pushed back next year. The Boston Athletic Association Wednesday announced the Boston Marathon will not run April 19th carrying the tradition of being held on Patriots Day instead delay to the fall of 2021 because of the Corona virus Pandemic. Boston Athletic Association CEO Tom Group addressed making the decision Now with CBS News. People have to make plans for this. They trained for it. On. We wanted to make sure that people know as soon as it was clear to us. This year's Boston Marathon did not take place in person instead operating as a virtual race, the BA hoping to allow for an event next year to commemorate the marathon's 125th running Matt Napolitano, Fox News on Wall Street futures are up, but not nearly as much of stocks plunged in yesterday's big.

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