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Up in it, you are go for the final faster. Passengers working for power. First after knots launched into orbit by the company have left the international space station for their final endeavor, returning to Earth in a rare splashdown astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Bank and left the Isis Saturday night, bidding farewell to the remaining crew on board. The capsule headed for a Sunday afternoon drop into the Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio Times 3024 Children in the amber alert out of Denver have been located and are safe. Denver police believe they were kidnapped by their non custodial father Saturday. Police say he is in custody. A deadly crash on I 25 near Parker Road Saturday, Three people died and three others were injured. One critically what an SUV rolled over, the Colorado State Patrol says. All six people were in the SUV. At least one of them was ejected. No word on what caused the crash. The superintendent of sharing preschool says more than 10,000 students have chosen the district's remote learning option. Steve Siegfried says he's gotten some hostile e mails demanding the students return to the classroom. Something that he says isn't helping. Neither is really focusing on politics or popularity or anything else and so trying to put something together that would help guide that, he said. The district will have full time in person learning option for pre K through fifth grade and a blended model for six through 12th grade. Strong storms possible along the front range Sunday afternoon. Some of these could turn severe We do have a marginal risk in place. That's a one on the scale of 1 to 5, and that does me we could see about quarter sized hail and 60 mile per hour wind gusts, Socks, 30 one's Jessica label says. The best chance for storms the metro areas from about 3 to 8 PM, she says. Highs will be in the eighties in sports the Rockies even at their first at home, Siri's of the shortened MLB season 31 pitch to Kemp swing and a high fly ball deep to right center field..

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