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Those demanding action in the death of Daniel proved who died in police custody this past March of death, family or friends said it should have never happened to the brother of Daniel Prude, believes that that system that response for police is part of the same system that led to his brother's death. He referred to police as animals. Zookeepers and he said nothing will change until the system changed. A striver Alda ABC News, the Atlantic magazine piece in which President Trump has quoted slagging Dead and wounded veterans as quote suckers and losers has infuriated at least one parent of Soldier. Trump's presidential opponent, Joe Biden. Joe Biden, delivering a scathing condemnation of President Trump for my son. Volunteered. Enjoying the United States military as the attorney general who went to Iraq for a year. Won the Bronze Star. Another commendations. He wasn't a sucker. The article based on anonymous source is claiming the president belittled fallen American soldiers during the November 2018 trip to France. ABC News has not confirmed the reporting in Thailand High school student groups from 24 schools participating in a student rally there in Bangkok today in support of the growing anti government student movement tie demonstrators in recent weeks have been calling for a revised constitution and a revamp of there. Justice system and a growing number of protests. Despite the threat of Koven, 19 commoners timed out 7 47. It's a big question that's been before Amazon for sometime just who is responsible for faulty products sold through the platform. More and more, the courts have said Amazon and not the sellers of those products is responsible Technology reporter J. Green Taking a closer look at this for the Washington Post had a chance to speak about it With almost Bill on Il Jae, first off. We should point out that the post in Amazon do share one thing in common, and that's Jeff Bezos at the top here. He does it on this paper. All right now, this obviously has to be a source of frustration for Amazon. With so many sellers around the globe, using it as a point of sale. Yeah, I mean these problems frustration for some of the buyers. You know, Amazon has largely being shielded from product liability cases that were brought against it when somebody purchased products. I'm the website from one of the third party sellers, and I think a lot of the issues is that when people buy from Amazon, they don't often recognize that they're buying not from Amazon, but from a company that has set up on Amazon's website to sell products. And when they do that, in the product is defective and maybe hurt them or damages their property. They in the past suit, both Amazon and the cellar on If they've got no remedy from the cellar, it's been falling to Amazon and cases going pretty far back Amazon Prevailed on that That's beginning to change. And so that's what I'm focused on in my piece today. Has there been any talk of trying to legally reduce Amazons liability in certain circumstances? More? The opposite. There has been Litigate. There's been legislation that proposed particular California recently to actually increase Amazon liability in these instances and make it clear that they should be held liable for products that are sold on now, when its end. What if anything, is Amazon been doing to address this concern about maybe sellers that aren't on the up and up completely to doom or maybe to vet some of their cellars? The Amazon says it does bad fellers and you know it uses machine learning technologies, Tio try and weed out some of the risk here ones, But you know it's a challenge right? Because Amazon has 2.5 million sellers on the site. I quite honestly, it's really hard for Amazon. Tio put with those that broke out and that you might even argue, and I think some folks have argued that you know, Amazon is prioritizing. Having the largest election that could possibly have that's hugely important for Amazon is competes against Wal Mart and Target and so many others. And when it does, that it may make it harder for him to actually find and they disincentive Amazon to actually find.

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