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I think tastes. Hillsdale has a role as that swiss army knife. I just think james is a much better passer and he allows champagne. They continue to do what they've done in terms of using tastes hill as a weapon while giving them the added dimension of being able to throw the ball down the field and attacked the deep part of the few. I feel like if you start miss. You get both guys because you can still use tastes hill. A bunch enroll him through there. Maybe even increases role even over what he had paren- up which are brees. But if you start tasting hill you just take some hill like it's a it's a one man show you don't really have. That can really throw jameson. There you know as a change. I don't see that happening so to me. It makes more sense in in the way they would probably like to go would be jamie's and then still be able to use sprinkle and tastes them hill back there for some of the stuff they want to do with him. I think that does make sense. Because now you have to pitches if you had james anti hill. If you just throw tasting meal out there it's like facing the nuclear. The nuclear doesn't have as much good or effects if you have a rotation full of knuckles is different though when it's when it's different and you see it and you you're not used to dealing with that kind of tastes hill is because i think the more you see tastes in hill the less effective. He is as defenses begin to really understand what he can. He can do no doubt. And then last one forty niners got the rookie. There and trae lance jimmy garoppolo. What's your what's your take on this. Jimmy garoppolo job. As long as he's healthy we could talk about all the things that trae lance will bring to the table but jimmy garoppolo is twenty two eight as a started in the regular season when he's available. His biggest issue has been the lack of availability when he is not available. This is a team has really struggled so to me. Lance was insurance against jimmy garoppolo getting hurt but if he plays levinas been proven he can get them to the super bowl and put them in a position to win it. It's just a matter of him being available. I think he's available for most of the twenty twenty one season. I think he is the starter. But i think if he leaves the door correct and trae lance bus through it. I think the fun begins. Because i think cal. Shanahan can't wait to kind of play with his new toy. Yeah i agree with that. I feel like the first two with the bears and the saints that they have to make a decision. I feel like the forty niners. The decision's going to be made form and that's whenever jimmy gets hurt you know which is basically happen every year so he just kind of you just of sit and when is that going to happen you know and then once that happens off you go so you don't have to if you're cow shannon. I don't think you have to have any sleepless nights here. This is gonna get made for you made for you. But i think what is going to be horford india resist because you've already heard john lynch and cash in hand talk about how cow was so excited about kinda drawn up new plays in what they can do to me. Trae lands gifts. Kyle shanahan the best of both worlds. He gives them the opportunity to play it the way they've always wanted to play under center while also adding in some of the stuff that he did with rg three. That may debt office man. A nightmare to deal with when. Rg three was rolling his rookie season. It could be a problem..

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