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Stephanie brubaker home staging and she's been my professional home stager for five years. She is amazing. And so we're we're kind of wrapping up the show today. But during the break, she was telling me about this really cool statistic. Which of course, I've heard many times. But once you lay autumn, Stephanie gives us great home staging stat. Well, I double checked at this morning to make sure that I had the most current reflection of its assistant, and I do and that is that the vast majority of homes like eighty five. Five percent of them that are staged will sell for six to twenty five percent more than the house down the street that has left vacant. That's a lot of money six to twenty five percent more. That's that's crazy. That's our big dollars. And then then they sell faster faster on average about seventy seventy percent faster than their unstaged counterpart who'd be interested in that. Really? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Now, what are the common things people worry about? But yeah, what are you gonna put my house is it going to be to country to modern? Yes. Is it going to be not nice enough for my granite bay neighborhood is in this neighborhood where it's it's overdone. I don't know if there's such a thing is overdone. I think it's it's really when I go in some of the I won't name the neighborhoods. But when I go into areas that aren't as, you know, nice. Maybe the school districts are or kind of. I mean, I've sold rental properties my own properties there, and we make them look amazing. Yeah. And they sell like the first week in like ten twenty thousand over the price of any home that's ever sold. I'm sure it's just because I put daisies in the front yard. But we stage the lights out of them. It makes the difference. What what are your thoughts on staging like people were to modern Regan put my house? How do you do that something to keep in mind is that we work really hard to not alienate any potential buyer? So we are going to take into consideration the area that the home is in the style of the home the style of the fixtures. Inside the flooring the wall color. We're going to take all of that into consideration. So that we can appeal to the biggest amount of buyers. So if you have a farmhouse style rustic home, then that's the direction we're going to lean into with the decor of the staging. Whereas if you've chosen ultra-modern marble career, marble island, then we're going to lean a little bit toward the modern. But what would we try to do is stay in that real middle ground where we're going to appeal to the most buyers, we're not gonna turn anybody off by being too extreme in our decor style. No such thing. Now, if you're out there in your thirty five years, your sports. Nut your your living rooms painting kings, purple idea K greater in the family room. And you think wow aging that is not Seiichi. But. You'd need a lotta help. You did a lot of help. So you don't have to worry about those types of things going on now. Some people are like, well, what if my home gets broken into and all the staging gets taken. We've probably had that happen once or twice twice. Yeah. That's pretty rare. It's unusual. Yes. Exactly. So that's the kind of thing, you know, you just cross that bridge when you get to it. But here's the deal if if you're out there, and you want her to come.

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