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When I was doing like morning shows and stuff that was I was interviewing people pull multiple people every single day right? Yeah and so a lot of times. It was comedians because La Musicians dawned on morning shows because their voices in ready so I did a lot of comedians. A Lot outta actors a lot of a lot of musicians and then like shops and stuff chefs and I found that there are people who are easy to work with and there are people who aren't and people who are super easy and fun to be around and easy to work with I would always invite them back on my shell because inevitably next year comes around and your your booking out talent and everything and I'd be like Aca I was a fucking asshole. No I don't care but he's playing the rhyme in tomorrow night I don't care put him on someone else Joe. I don't want him on my show us annoying me and then someone who is like you know playing a small mercy lounge smaller venue. I'll be like he was awesome. It was so much fun he fun. Video Authority was easy to be around. Let's book him. And so so after that now now that I've gone from a production role of trying to book out things and like creating a show and then being on the other side of of it. I try to remember to always be the guy who wanted to be invited back And naturally I'm just like that anyways but I do make a concerted concerted effort of like being like super agreeable easy to be around and it goes like this is also just not just an entertainment thing this is such a workplace thing like the no one ever gets fired because they are like the least liked person in the office. That person gets Raises and moves up if they are liked and enjoyed around the office and to that point if they fuck up if you make a mistake people are way more. We're willing to like saying you know what let's let's find a way to help you out. Yeah and then the people who are just a pain in the ass in the office or the people who get fired and so when you look at it and in that respect just like being easy fun to be around and I just just kind of put that out in the universe then just comes back at you. I suppose I don't know but that's my thought process and all that kind of stuff. Great answer I concur with everything. What are are some things that I'm always curious since this a flip it around some things that you're not so good at maybe that you're insecure about or or things that you think on a personal level like if Adam's looking at the mirror in the mirror and goes like I'm just not I don't like this about myself. I saw. How great a baseball? That's your big reflection. Yeah now not great at baseball. Don't it wasn't the best basketball player when you're thirty five. You're done playing sports unless it's diverse. Your isn't it funny that I still think about that as like the the athlete of me is like a Shitty shortstop shortstop man. Are you insecure. That people don't see you as an athlete. No I think but maybe 'cause I know why you're asking a question because I make a point of talking about how I was an athlete especially like you being from Bachelor nation. Yeah you can. Even I say this about me. I was a huge jock but compared to tyler. See in Josh. Murray like you know no one thinks of you as athletic and I don't mean in that in a way but like oh I think of you and that's almost a positive I actually see as a positive because that's like low hanging fruit they see. You is smarter. Funnier counted but does does it bother you. I know I know it doesn't because I understand like I was. I mean for lack of a better term like that show is casting characters and I might. The character I was to play was the comic relief. nerdy funny guy. I wasn't supposed to be the JOCK but the we've been here same here. I played collegiate ball. Like you know like so that would be like Iran collegiate track. And it's like yeah. I'm Chris Look I was GonNa but no like I'm I'm totally. I'm totally fine with it but like you. You know if tyler wants to like run a race. I'll I'll go out and do it. But what are you what are well Adams as an Good at From a day to day at this point your life thing that you you would like to get I. I need to be better about deadlines. I need to be better about. answering emails. It's it's something everything everyone has a problem with you know it was like the day to day minutiae of life like getting through it but I need to be more like accountable for that kind of stuff and you need a personal. Yeah I mean just hire someone needs more honey I would love also. I wish I had better money how much I thought I could my personality alley for that. I'm bad at all those little things paperwork. Yeah God I can't do it but I I'm cheap enough that I don't know how much money do I need you to make the justifies paying someone to be my personal assistant because I am like grinder. No worker and I grew up like not being able to like like we didn't afford Ford that stuff. It's hard for me and I'm not the tidiest of person but it's hard for me to hire someone to come in and and cleaned my place. I started doing that but I think to myself fucking clean your place nigger and adult like you only live by yourself. You can't carve out twenty minutes exactly and see. That's good upbringing right there. Yeah but but I tell you what when I when I when I dropped for the house cleaner boy. I feel much better and it's a much better job at it's like I have a hard time with that. And so I will say this Sarazen having a personal assistant. He doesn't now and so like in that someone like is you spend intially more. I would expect her to yes. You would expect that so. I think that we need personal. Assistance is definitely don't need one. There's that I could afford it. What I do know that I would be more productive and I would be better at managing I I could justify that would make me more successful? Because we're I'm kind of similar alert I. I'm not organized. I'm not organizations on a strength if I get organized it's because I have invested a lot of energy to to make sure I'm organized you know it's hard for me but I'll say working with A. You're not like a hot mess at all like you're very dependable and I appreciate you. Don't make me do stuff that that you can do it yourself which is like very rare. Oh yeah and that's something I've had to I. I remember early in my career. I would I would think to myself I my first thought was I. Don't I don't know how to do this right now. It'd be a first whatever it was as I would immediately ask ask my boss. Well how do I do this. And I realized that started annoying him and then I kind of got kind of a suggestion by him. which was before you keep asking me? Can you figure it out. Like how much can you do on your own. It's okay if you don't know and it's also Qena ask but have you tried to figure figure this out and to this day. I tried to get better at that especially with the things like the Internet. I mean there's a youtube video out there for literally the everything and sometimes I try to say well. Can I figure this out Well I'm not organized I being a reliable is something. It's important to me I I very much. It's an expectation of mind to myself and for the people I work with so I don't I don't like to expect things from others that I don't expect of myself But Organization is something I struggle with so having someone to to help me. That would be. Yeah yeah as someone who like used to. I was a boss of a lot of people and they radio station and they would come and be like what what you know. They asked that question tonight. was that jerk of like did you google yet and honestly like to your point like there is a youtube video for literally everything. There's probably Youtube video from learned the piano so physicians one of our sponsors. You know all right. You need to get US edition. Well what's the what's the CO do. I put in V. I. L. L.. All right cutting us it tim. Yeah I mean for those for those of you listening putting you in work you can go a long way of being summoned who everyone loves a an employee who can get shit done. Yeah and You'll get more responsibilities if you can be counted on to figure it out. Yeah and then if you don't really so then when you do ask people more willing to help you out when someone gets the impression that you're not not trying to figure it out and they're just like coming to you. I don't know how to do this. Can you show me how it's like. I've been guilty as that before. We've all done that thing. Ah also don't be a martyr. I don't care how Larry Back in the business sense of like. Oh my God. You don't understand how hard this was. And then they go through the entire thing but that was the thing. Everybody's doing that. Yeah like that's the that's the job. I'm so sorry but like I don't care like don't be the martyr. Be the person that was like did sucked got done off. That person fucking raise right now. Also there's a you know don't be in a sense. Sends the George Costanza in a sense and the for a lot of but let me be specific is If you're giving a lot of rope and you're giving a lot of responsibility and the person you're working for kind of trust to figure it out almost to the point where you think that they don't know how to do it. Don't overstate what you're doing. Because they mentioned eventually actually might figure out what you're doing and how easy it was for them. Yeah I've had that happen a couple of times where our couple situations There were some tasks and I was counting on this person to do it and they came back to me and I can do this. But it's GonNa take me X.. Number of hours and they actually asked for for money more in essence more money and they did it and they did it even before we were we were given some things we need to could dawn and before we even finish the conversation they they asked and it just fell off to me and that was kind of already frustrated this person for kind of similar things and so they went on town and so like hey by the way when I get back I'll start doing this and I had free time so I thought you know what I'm GonNa figure out how to do this US and they made it seem like this is getting the money to do. It literally took me a Saturday afternoon now. I pulled some resources. I asked some people how to to get it done and from the like in that moment I knew I needed to separate this working relationship because it was like. I don't trust this person because I feel like now. They're overstating in making me think that they're working harder than they are. And when you if you get kind of busted on that that's a great rate for two to have have someone say I don't trust you. I don't WanNa work with you Because an essence your being dishonest about what's taking you or or you're just really inefficient. Yeah there's only two options in that scenario as you suck at your job or you're a liar so don't do that. Yeah which are all the same thing by the way being inefficient being suck at your job. The the two of the same things lying is worse. Yes that's true. Will you guys were the new year. Steph I've up for the game the glasses you gotta wear your heads Zubay like hey I do have an oversize head. We're going to ask some questions. You don't answer them aloud. Let us guess okay.

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