Board Of Education, Supreme Court, Boston discussed on Black History in Two Minutes


In one thousand nine hundred fifty four. The united states supreme court in the landmark case brown versus the board of education held the racial segregation in public schools was constituted were desegregation was accepted and implemented. This strategy was successful but in many parts of the country it would take much more than a court order. Change public opinion rooted in centuries of anti-black races politicians in county and state governments across the south found ways to go round the laws sometimes they slash state funding for public schools. Integrate sometimes they supported private academies attended predominantly by white students. The main thrust behind african-american interest in desegregating was a desire for access to quality education. They understood that dollars followed white children into white schools. Nearly twenty years after the brown decision many schools remained segregated even in the north and nowhere. Was this more evident than in boston. Massachusetts in response the nwa cpi presented a class action suit demanding that schools and educational officials should act in one thousand nine hundred seventy four a federal judge in massachusetts rule. That students in boston would be bused from one neighborhood to another neighborhood to balance school systems. Racially working class white. One of the things that they have been able to benefit from is being able to send their children to all white schools and the resources and privilege that comes along with that and now they're being asked to give that up in south boston. As many as eighteen thousand students were forced to attend new schools. Angry protesters carried signs per brix at buses and blocked school entrances opposition to integration continued. Well after the initial violence subside. Many middle class white families moved to the suburbs abandoning the city's public school system. Sixty years after brown. V board of education american classrooms remain shockingly segregated a direct result of families continuing to move to the suburbs taking public funding based on property taxes. Along with the goals of brown v board remain unfulfilled even though it spirit lives on..

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