Utah, Clinton, Jennifer Flowers discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed


A very understandable area where you would use imminent domain yes kind of give you some money for this land because we're going to finally build the wall yeah that's going to have to happen we can we have hold outs either right that's called a gap right so besides they're not going to build up much of the wall anyway where they have to worry about imminent domain i don't think it's ever going to happen it just doesn't look like it's ever going to happen he doesn't even really push it that much anymore i mean like now he's saying well maybe the military can build it maybe the military can fund it maybe yeah maybe but maybe not to maybe not can't take it adamant utah you're on the blaze i just wanted to call to say that i don't think it's a fair comparison to compare trump to what clinton did why well because back in clinton's whole deal with lewinsky the problem with that was that he was in office and it was even happening in the oval office does that the only problem with it or did you have a problem of with jennifer flowers and kathleen willey and everybody else he had little dalliances with before he was in office was it only that you cared about for flowers certainly because that was more rape that wasn't anything consensual not jennifer flowers that was totally consensual it was it was like a twelve year affair.

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