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Go from twenty-second into the junction starting to build up. Just a little bit now on the Howard Franklin making your way into west shore FRANZ Stevens, NewsRadio WFL a cancerous shower this afternoon, partly cloudy tonight, then stormy weather tomorrow, eighty-five degrees now at NewsRadio. WFL? A no heads will roll in the wake of the epic fail by the Tampa Bay Lightning who were swept decisively by the Columbus. Blue jackets in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Lightning. GM Jillian brisburg says no one is more disappointed than they are. But he couldn't offer any reasons as to why the President's Cup winners with their league leading scorer got broom. D-? Is a lot more complex than that. We are going to is that back situation. We're not going to come up with clear answer to is the one thing that causes the for his boss said even amidst the disappointment and uncertainty. He still believes in the group including head coach Cooper Brisebois. If he hadn't resigned Cooper before the playoffs. Quote. I would be trying to resign him. Now, the Hillsborough sheriff's office says they've shut down a major meth operation in plant city that was run by a grandmother and her three grandsons officials started collecting evidence last September from a home on Forbes road where they said they had been called for emergency services. More than one hundred times undercover agents said they were able to buy almost four pounds of high grade meth over the next four months with a street value of about ninety thousand dollars officials say the meth appears to have been made in Mexico and imported to Florida through drug cartels, fourteen people have been arrested so far three more arrest warrants have been issued attorneys for New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft have successfully blocked the release of that undercover. Sex video allegedly showing him. I'm in Jupiter massage parlor.

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