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From our state wants to make sure this tech is employ deployed as soon as possible. Now, he's better than later democratic Senator Maria Cantwell who's just giving the bad news about the upcoming fire season. We are projected to be above normal Senate hearing Cantwell grills US forest service chief Vicki christianson on technical advances, including hyper spectral cameras and thermal sensors that promised to revolutionize the way wildfires are detected and suppress the technology that. We were able to pass in the wildland firefighting Bill to do thermal awareness on fire starts, I just want to understand from you what we can do to use that now. So that we can have quicker response if we are going to see this risk in western Washington Richardson, tells the Senator only that she would be pleased to discuss it further can't well and Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado have spearheaded congressional efforts to secure money. For modern firefighting tech Corwin Hake. Komo news. Congress is looking into the skyrocketing costs of insulin and other drugs. The university of Washington says a month supply costs about four hundred and fifty dollars in the US while the same amount is about thirty five bucks in Canada. This is Dr Earl Hersh, and when I see these people surviving are barely surviving because they can't get insulin. It really hurts me at the gut level the house oversight and investigations subcommittee holding a hearing on the issue tomorrow figures, I just got my flu shot a week ago. And now the worst of the flu season. We hear may have ended. Come owes. Eric Heintz reports according to the State Department of health two hundred ninety six influenza related deaths were reported across Washington last year compared to two hundred seventy eight and twenty seventeen as March thirtieth of this year. There have been one hundred sixty and this year's total is still the third highest over the last nine years. Fortunately, last week, local clinics, emergency rooms and hospitals. Saw a marked drop and flu activity. Flu cases at the Everett clinic P three weeks ago when they were around eight hundred positive test in the week leading into March seventeenth the Everett herald reports last week that number dipped to around two hundred Eric Heintz, KOMO news. Perhaps not a surprise. But bowling revealed today, how the grounding of the seven thirty seven max cut into its delivery schedule. More from komo's Gregg Hersholt in the first quarter of two thousand eighteen Boeing delivered one hundred thirty two of its most popular models this year that number tumbled to eighty nine. News version of the seven thirty seven remains grounded around the world following two deadly crashes. Boeing did not. Disclose today. How many of the seven thirty sevens were the max version it continues producing an earlier model, but the max is expected to account for a very high percentage of seven thirty seven deliveries this year separately today. American Airlines cut a key revenue estimate after Kathleen twelve hundred flights in the first quarter due to the grounding of its twenty four max jets and Boeing his acknowledged than at each of those two crashes, a faulty sensor triggered anti-stalking system. When it wasn't needed pushing the plane's nose down. Gregg Hersholt, KOMO news. If you fly a lot, maybe you've thought about getting global entry to get through airport. Security faster comes into factor has a warning from the Better Business Bureau. If you hop online and search for the government website to get global entries gamers are able to post advertisements search to make it look like it's the real government service website, David Quinlan with the BBB says when you click on the link to the fake site. They're told that this service. This third party vendor will do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do submit your personal information, and.

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