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Available to us. We'll get all good news. We all need to have a little patience until we get vaccinated. But the vaccines coming and we now have more and more information every day that this is really a safe vaccine. These initial concerns about allergic reaction turns out they do occur but extremely rare on we have great data coming out from Israel and other places that this vaccine really works well. In a regular, You know, not the special study conditions but regular conditions. But good news on top of good news. Please get vaccinated when your opportunities come. I have one more question. Dean. Ah Public Health in University, Nebraska Medical Center, Dr Alec Khan was sterling on 700 wlw. Then we can open up the phone. So I want to delay this break a little bit. Give people a chance to ask their questions. And since that we lost, we didn't really lose. Larry King passed away. On sort of in the vein of Larry King, who I grew up listening to way late. And when I was supposed to be in bed overnight to be like, uh, you know, I owe Finney town. You know what you're on. You know, whatever you need, ask questions. You know, in that type of thing, give people a chance to call and interact, which is always like playing Russian roulette. Want to give a chance for that very thing to ask you some questions. You always want to talk to people besides me, which I don't take personally, by the way. 513749 7800 the big £1.718 tea. If you have a question about this cove, it 19 situation. This is your time to act is a guy who's been about it is intimate issue can be chasing down virus, pathogens and things killing people all over the world. Indiana public health, former head of the CDC, uh Stockpile on everything else in the past, so you've lived it, you living and breathing. It's probably bad choice of terminology right now considering what we're talking about, but we hopefully get some people online to ask some questions. I wonder this. If you were taking care, say of someone elderly, A parent's or grandparent's. They may you know, just by age, they're more vulnerable. Maybe in their early to mid seventies, maybe maybe older. And you may be bringing groceries or having groceries delivered. What have you when there comes a time for them to be inoculated? Vaccinated? Where does it stand? Whether if they're sharing your home with you, or youth with them, How does that fall? And how concerned should you be to get the vaccine vaccine are available to you? Yes, in a timely fashion. Help not kill your loved one, I guess. I expect excellent point. So the vaccine strategy in the United States currently is really about producing as many deaths as possible. So we know that, for example, those in long term care facilities 40% of deaths have occurred amongst people in long term care facilities. There are nursing homes or hold eight homes, depending on how you call them where you are in the United States. And so those were up front, like get you vaccinated. Now, the next group of individuals, which represents probably The next 40% of death. Go 65 years of age and older, So though they're also going to get vaccinated, So as we vaccinate all of these elderly individuals in the United States, we should see a dramatic drop in debts, which would be so wonderful because we're over before I mean 400,000 tragic deaths in the United States. From this disease so far, so that's all excellent. Now selling. I have a 93 year old God, Mom that I take care of, and I have been doing her shopping since March, so I'm the only one who does all her shopping. For her Just because of exactly what you're talking about. How do you make sure you protect the people with in your household? Who? Maybe elderly. And so? Yes. Uh, I do all the shopping for them. Help protect them. Protect my God, Mom as much as possible, and I've got her on the list in the county that I live in. So that is the moment they open up vaccine for her. I will go get her vaccinated. And that would be my recommendation to all of your listeners that once your time comes up for your loved one's time is is there to get vaccinated. Please go. Show up and get vaccinated. There you go. Well, let's not go to mount. Look out. We'll talk to Jean. You're on. I just sound like no longer lurking amount. Look out, Gene, you're on with Dr Ali Khan. Hi. Thanks for taking my call. Um, are you there? Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, honey, I'm 78 years old, and I'm scheduled to get that vaccine this coming week. I wanted to ask the doctor I have never had trouble taking back scenes like the flu or other loom a clock on the moon, Yuri, But I was allergic to it. Um, Blood pressure drug called the sergeant. Is that in any way gonna pose I didn't no longer take that That was about 10 years ago. My calling my regular doctor. They said to take Benadryl before I go to get the vaccine. I wondered if this doctor would agree with that. And that I'm OK to get that. Kobe vaccine. There you go. So in other words, so allergic reaction in the past to a drug not taken in about a decade. Uh, thank you Machine. It's a pleasure chatting with you. So the Contra indications are very few to these vaccines because there's they used a different type of technology from previous Vaccine that I'm not going to countermand which your position suggested to you of what you do before you get vaccinated, But you should be very safe to get vaccinated. And I will tell you that we watch people for 15 to 30 minutes after they get vaccinated and make sure that they don't have an allergic reaction. So congratulations. Good luck getting vaccinated. Please do remember to stay protected. To wear mask and watch your hands and social distancing even after you get your second does to make sure that you stay protected until more disease goes down in our community. There you go. Thanks. Gene, Indiana, John Muir was Sterling and Dr Khan on the Big one. Yes. Thank you. Sterling and Dr Khan..

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