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I'm doing my job, as is Joe Piscopo doing his job to get it all. And to make sure that we stay put. Um we'd love to hear from you 877970 to 999. We're going to go to Hank in a little while. But first we're going to check out the roads with the one the only the fabulous spectacular Debbie doing. Thank you so much, Arthur. Good morning to you. Good morning to you, Al. Good morning, everybody. Hey, guys, Let's see what's happening here on the FDR Drive. FDR drive south of 14th Street is an accident. One lane remains blocked. Their north found is really busy as well on the FDR Drive north right through 14. It's pretty busy on the van Wyk Coton by Hillside Avenue reports of a crashed there as well. Watch for some stop and go traffic as you take a ride to the L I e westbound that's slowing down right through Lakeville Road. Some more volume L i U s Matthew Casino Boulevard getting out toward the Queens Midtown Tunnel and the Grand Central Parkway Eastbound by Jewel Avenue. An accident off on the shoulder. Inbound G W b 15 Lincoln. Only five minutes in Holland Looks okay. 86 at 67 into Ridgefield Park. It's a crash problems now on 2 87 South Exit 14 in Bridgewater. Looks like a car fire Two lanes blocked there and watch for slowdowns on the sprain south of 100 b with a down tree. Partly cloudy today high of 85 You now know where not to go? I'm Debbie Do him with Joe Piscopo am 9 70. The answer. Concert by Dairy queen

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