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To the Rick Edelman show for all your questions about investing saving for retirement. Sending your kids to college and more. It's the Rick Edelman show every Saturday morning at an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. What is this? This is good. Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive cat save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. Hi, Paul W here with my wife Kim, and we are excited about our forth dream vacation that we're planning for this September. We're looking forward to going to the Greek isles, and we're inviting you are WJR listeners. It's going to be an amazing trip aboard the absolutely stunning celebrity reflection cruise ship, and we'll be traveling with fellow WJR listeners all of our travelling details handled by cruise and tour, but the ultimate excitement is where we'll be visiting. We're going to send Tarini Mykonos roads and Athen we're also going to see palm Jimmy orca, Sicily Malta and a full day exploring Barcelona Spain together, we'll be exploring relaxing, eating drinking and shopping take the time to learn more. It's fallen Kim's dream vacation number for this September for any questions or to request a free brochure. Visit. WJR travel club dot com or call eight hundred three eight three thirty one thirty one. Let's go to the Greek isles together. Eight hundred three eight three thirty one. Thirty one was six three..

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