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Here that someone on there someplace so that encourage that like Hamilton for example they want the audience to get Wilson first of all Hamilton is a big scam designed to keep the audience from realizing there watching a really really terrible musical getting engagement would be important I mean the the at the Hamilton is the V. but the math professor who decided to wrap up mass to the kids in order to get you know I mean it's the rap is that level I've I've heard the rap it said that level it's that how do you do it sometime my name is Hamilton and I'm here to say I'm going to teach you guys think the number anyway go head regular set well this is saying is that I think in a theater setting with well that show rock of ages for example is set up in a way where it's interactive with the audience which I don't know why you go see this but they think the pop songs yeah journey don't stop believing in the polar middle age they could not add up to much in their lives many a night like this I understand seventy dollar frat party yeah but that they're supposed to be there's a professionalism on Broadway these is supposed to be the best of the best that I want to watch them I don't want the crowd getting involved in ruining you know it uses the same thing I was saying about the rockstars either I paid a ticket I didn't pay money to see Tom Petty to think wow man I hope my neighbors of there so they can sing all my favorite Tom Petty song you don't like when all the music drops out people clap their hands over there no no because most of the most of the crowd time in our white their timing is horrible they're not musicians there it said time white you're correct so couple weeks anti white dancer so a couple weeks ago when I saw Luke Bryan and everybody was that when there's all sing and shaking boots like that you had like that you would you see Eric Bryan looked Luke Bryan thank you very much Sir George grown Luke Bryan yeah look at that point if you're there for two reasons if you're if you're a guy you're getting drunk and you somehow for every ticket you somehow convinced yourself that that she's going to give it up that night sure there with her she is giving it okay well **** I understand humanity this is music let's not talk about let's not have music conversations about Luke Scherzer Eric what's the difference what's the difference to close out the store and get your wonder why presented I'm really just trying to convince myself to take another trip to Tokyo worry I'd go see this production of cats and I go to a baseball you know what you should do what you should do is you should see cats in every country the cats is playing in the world and give your review at the for each one and then that turns into an easy book a coffee table read I'm making you money right now you're taking notes because a lot of people have seen cats so wouldn't be a worldwide major television event but enough people have seen cats that they would buy the book of the guy who saw every version of cats and gave a review of it should the book be called now I'm not gay I have to get defensive about I'm not answer just a guy who had musicals the book jacket that has the different reviews and it's like they all start with like well he's really not gay struck a very here's a a very straight view I'd like to clear this up I'm not defensive but I think that is the angle you have to take the straight man likes of this right right is like the clear I think holiday drop for the for the straight guy thing now everybody's they take care of women they take care of men and all the other to be straight all the rest Roman Mather kin all the other but take care for men and all the other centers around all night that soldier face was a Facebook as fifty two or something things yeah not enough well look it's a start Rome wasn't built today next story from studio B. one Sir satellites are starting to watch your every move I said the the the resolution of the satellites is getting so good that they can track you so what what's going on at this point is the satellite companies say they're keeping a person's data separate from any identifying characteristics and that their regulations in place so that they can't actually make out peoples faces quite yet or license plates on the car SO true I know it's not you know years ago reason magazine had a this is back of people still have your magazines are saying that if you had a suspicion without your mailbox Monday in your house matter who you were was on the cover and that was like the early two thousands and that was satellite imagery and so that was the only two thousand so they've got my house I think they got my case by now Eric von Hesler he doesn't have any bias and he'll get on his body nine to noon on ninety five point five W. SB at latest news and talk she can forty nine in the core rate here you're WSB twenty four hour traffic.

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