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A trade war. And we're all hoping as others suggested here that these particular talk they've got us into a better position vis-a-vis China pace, university finance professor Peter Sperling walked away. They haven't walked away. We're still talking as long as people are still talking. It's not quite as bad as it's a total bust as for stocks today. Everything was up after that down day yesterday. The Dow gained two oh seven the NASDAQ up eighty seven CBS news update. I'll Matt piper. WBZ news time four thirty two. This portion of the news sponsored by liberty Subaru and breaking development of the ongoing effort to Capitol Hill to investigate information uncovered by the Russia's special counsel. They knew our time. Supporting the Republican controlled Senate intelligence committee has reached an agreement of Donald Trump junior. The president's oldest son to sit for a private interview next month committee chairman Richard Burr has wanted to question the younger Trump a lot. He's contact with Russia operatives in June. In of two thousand sixteen of the Republicans have accused of caving depressure from Democrats nary lack Laurien Lightfoot says she wants to take away the unlimited veto power that you Congo alderman happened their words, but she insisted the city council members during meetings today, but ending elder Matic privilege will not reduce alderman input mayor elect like what tells WBZ she wanted her team to meet with groups of aldermen to explain the executive order. She will issue on her first day in office. He wants to end the traditional, but unwritten policy of aldermen having absolute veto power over projects in their wards eliminating the unilateral veto, right? That that alderman have is just part of a process of there's lots of other things that have been given to the automatic ward offices in particular to handle that primarily would be in an ordinary circumstance be part of the executive functioning. So we're trying to get an accounting of what that is what works for them. What doesn't work for them? If you alderman suggests none of it does at this point. Conflicts could be a head at city hall, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio one point nine FM suburban hit and run. They lift a six year old girl critically Jamaica quarter today bail, set at a half million dollars Forty-year-old, Brian cordona Chiel. Prosecutors say he struck Lexi Hanson while she wrote a bike concerned Charleston Sunday Kane county sheriff Ron Haines has has a lengthy driving record, including three drunk driving arrests at least seven meeting taking we see so many.

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