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I'm dead serious about this, because this gotta stop, you know? And you know, they say volunteer the answer, but what? You know what? Yeah. Because one thing is like, sometimes to get your way, you gotta make extreme example out of people. I don't know. It has to be done. Listen, it just has to be done. It really does. Yeah, listen. Hopefully they'll have some routine, never heard of watching the area, maybe they'll have cop station up in there. They're gonna have more patrols in the area. Honestly, eating some money in the building, like you're having authority. Cop inability because honestly, that's only gonna stop these kids from acting a full. And therefore, the damn fools. Like, it's just disgusting. And then to the parents, are these kids? Y'all are complete and utter failures. Because how do you raise them to have them attacking these old people? Like, you need to get enough job. You're like, you don't give a damn, you don't know where they're at in the night. It's getting trimmed up or pointed up in whatever. And it's like, you don't give a damn. And then they're taking the people who don't deserve to be attacked. And it sucks because we were all old enough to know or all nothing here to know that some of these parents are like our peers. Yeah. Pretty much. So if you're not wriggling your kid, someone's gonna do it for you. And it won't be nice. 'cause everyone's crying foul when the cops put them, you know, hollow points through the kid. Well, then I'll put a Billy club to the head. There you go. Listen, the way to go to New York right now the way it is right now. We will go back to old school days of officers cracking skulls and killing the indiscriminately and then killing them. They're cracking schools. You make sure you like this and just start smacking. And open window thing plays in her favor and he put a lot of dudes in some very precarious situation. Look out, boys, man. You're a little way to talk about it. The police are roll up, and the doors will be, they wouldn't be open yet. They would already be open partially. So they just rolled up, got out, beat you, beat you behind. Yep. Just go right back your time. Yeah. Get your life. So to those kids in the BX, man, get it together, man, 'cause I'm telling you when the cops stop coming down there and start going in, it would be nothing nice, especially if they already start with shame, you. Are these kids? Far away in a place across the bridge in New Jersey somewhere. No more. I'll tell you that. I'll tell you that. That kid called the police on McDonald's for some of cold fries. Oh, say that one. Oh, we got that one. Oh my God. So the next segment. I know Zach is that story. That story is ingenious. I love it. I have two for you. Two funny ass stories. Because they're a new thing we called the jacket. Just to save it, 'cause we got plenty here, man. Oh, I got some stories for you. Use the one I gave you. Man. I threw up in there 'cause 'cause I was gonna talk about my own, but I want you to talk about it because I think you're just trying to nerve with you. Oh no, don't let me see that from my one of them for my unpopular opinion. No, don't. I want to see if that list, but unpopular. Okay. Oh man. Thank you for bringing that up because we had to talk about it. We have to talk. That list is so biased. All right. All right, so. Super biased. So, a mother's shocked after an old sex offender approached her and offered to buy her 8 year old daughter for a hundred K how much would that little girl please don't do that again? That was creepy. You know what's the blue brothers? How much would they need? I want to go like this to you. Hell, miss Cole. Elvis. What a name. Well, your name is trash, my guy. This sucks. That sounds like a perfect. Perv. I'm sorry. Terrible, man. Go ahead, buddy. Oh my gosh. 85 years old. Her missed Cole. Approached the child's mom at a wind disc when Dixie in Port Orange. Thursday I made the indecent proposal. Emphasis on indecent people. It could be worse. It could be the piggly wiggly. Yeah. Probation was banned from having contact with children. After trying to buy different child in warmer in 2018. Wow. This man is warp and he should be tested for dementia. For sure. Go ahead. And it's a serious thing, but what I'm saying is that, wow. Sir. You are free. Stay in your home and close your blind, do not look at the little kids, man. Go ahead, bro are you bugging? What? No. This must have been a while a moose in this too, because I don't think I don't think he'd be living to tell this story. For sure. Yo. That looks like a perv, man. Let go. Oh man. That's perfect. All over him over his forehead. Look like one of them has been on that island. He probably was there. He probably was saying, we're lucky, we got mister Epstein's autograph. That's where this house. He probably was like, you know, probably like, you know, second in command of sun next to the good old Epstein and stuff like that. I like the girls with this ball. It's disgusting. These people exist. Terrible. You do exist. Like, what's wrong with you, man? Yo. So clever articles. Jesus Christ. What's the name again? How miss? Hellmouth. Hellmouth. Helmet. Helm, listen here. Steven hello. I guarantee you. Listen to me. I'm telling you in the story. I guarantee you, he made this over to somebody in the past. Hold on, question. And it probably was a lower offer number. was on probation. Having contact with children after trying to buy a different child in Walmart in 2018. How much was the offer though? Who cares? That's the second. I'm sorry. Out of your curiosity. Oh, no, I was offering for these little girls. Every little kid got a price. I don't know, bro he's a creep. That's why I know. I don't know. Where are the current prices for little girls? That's what I know because. I don't know, I don't want to know because how these pervs think for real man. That's the thing. Why would you think that's a super, super, super creep? You're not even creepy kills us on this type of time.

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