Iran, United States, Vladimir Putin discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


To stay in the steel that they had to sign it uh although that just as with hardliners here who pose a dealer the hardliners in iran opposes well but let let me let let me just say whether or not that area let's not compare the hardliners in iran to people who opposed to the along say is that everyone has their own politics hell but the politics in iran is about the politics of a few men the politics in the united states is about a system in which people can come to disagree about policy that's a very big difference and i'm a little i don't like the idea that well they have their politics to uh their politics little bit different can well the thing is that if we're going to talk real politics about saudi arabia and other countries and we have to talk real politics better and to but let me ask you about something else in which you are one of the renowned experts and that's russia you know vladimir putin better than many oil almost anyone in america would you wrote about him tell talk about him and what he is up to right now all vladimir putin is emerging or maybe he's already merged as someone who out of his bitterness about how the cold war ended out of his sense that the west set out to humiliate russia has created a narrative now in which uh russia's only gonna be great by the old fashioned way of autocracy at home and aggressiveness abroad and that's what we're seeing with let him include uh be so much as told me this thing said it said in the book he said you know you know us russia's only been great when it's been rule by great men like peter the great and alexander the second you know there's that little voice that wants to say and do you mean vladamir the great bush that that was implicit but that would be kind of route so i didn't say it but that's what he thinks he is and so too bad if you.

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