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I mean that gets our attention and it creates more of the buzz reynard talking earlier in the podcast about the influence of the graybeards of the trial. May maybe even around the league a little bit and lyon matters. You've got jumbo. Wayne simmons bogosian. You mentioned jason spencer. How involved were you in that process of maybe dates back to acquire jake muslim where you recognize. Look we're still a young team are young so bring in these experienced guys now like joe forton could and probably will make a pretty big difference. I mean there's there's you describe young a bunch of different ways and some people would just use young as an excuse or or a bit of a crutch and to me That's not what this is about anytime you can like. I am foremost you've got to be able to play because it doesn't matter Who you are what your name is like. If you don't feel like you're contributing to the team in your corner of the team you get kleiner you get quite in the dressing room. You'll get quieter on the ice. So so we all recognize that that you have to have an important role and you have to feel good about your game to have a presence. In to have an impact on the mariners into matthews and in the young players in our organization that are still maybe not even in our lineup. Maybe not even making the leafs but get to see what these guys doing the gym every day. And get to see what these guys do. Practice every day So it's incredibly important. What what i would say to. Everyone is You know we we believe in balance. And i think that you're constantly seeking that out just the nature of the way that you build things in that you build. Nhl teams You don't always have the balance that you're seeking Like instantly and so. I think that You know constantly trying to move you're constantly trying to improve You're constantly trying to make your team better Other teams are are trying to be better than you trying to knock you a knock you down and and that's the nature of the competition. But i think that you know everything we did in this offseason Was meant to do to add more balance and get make ourselves a team. That not only. We've we've had some or some regular season success and we haven't had the kind of playoff success that we now think that we're capable of. I think that it's just trying to get over that hump get to that next level and you know the players that we've drafted developed Are great players and they want it. They love being maple leafs They you know. I've seen not only one difference. I've really seen here as a lot of ontario guys wanting to come home wanting to play for the leafs Wanting to be a part of that. So that's exciting. But ultimately everything gets decided on on.

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