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Three six three six six six. So now, you know, what makes me nostalgic Dan in Seattle, Washington. What are you feeling this morning? Hey, good morning. Hi there. Yeah. You know, it's funny because they just haven't came out with any good movies in the lab. Thirty five years all the ones I've got a six year old and all the ones that we watch at our house all the old ones that you guys talked about, you know, they remade the grand like a hundred times, and none of those blabber rich and all in Tim Allen Santa movies were not good. So you think you think that the reason that we're staying with the old ones is that the new ones just aren't any good. Then. The only one that that they've came out with that made it into our regular rotation polar express bad. Oh, yeah. That's the one with Tom Hanks during the voice. Yeah. What thirty five years? I think that's the only movie that they've come out with what you know, you've hit on something because things have really changed the other day. I think it was Tuesday USA today came out with their suggestions for what people might want to consider. It says other new holiday specials, you should consider. Now. Listen to these titles to tell you. How times have changed December seventh on doesn't really say on VH one. Ru Paul's drag race, Holly sleigh spectacular. Okay. NBC on is then is running Darcy Lynn my hometown Christmas that sounds more traditional then they have Dr pimple Popper the twelve pops of Christmas on TLC coming up. Yeah. I wanna see that one. You don't want to know about that. If you're using the Norelco shaver, I think and then coming up on TBS something called full frontal Christmas on see. I'm not sure if they were referring to on an icy e. I don't think talking about the border patrol. So anyway, then they have then there's something I guess there's a show. Call call the midwife they have a holiday special on PBS. That's actually a fairly decent show. I've not seen it. But I know I know about it, and that's on PBS in that's a holiday special. So you can see things have really changed. So maybe that's why people sticking with the old ones, and you notice except for NBC these are all on like cable channels. So it's like the. The mainstream audiences are probably staying with the big three commercial networks. Pretty good. Watch those than L, really. Okay. Well, thanks so much for the call. Appreciate it and happy new year to you, also Maryland, and we'll stay in Washington. Maryland is in port orchard, good morning, Maryland. Morning. You got your you got your your your DVR all fired up and ready to get these things recorded. Recording. Could be showing he's performing it got NBC's. Are you kidding me? Well. Seattle. That is very exciting. What's what's the name? What's the what's the name of the song? So we can look look out for me. I didn't tell. We will be on TV channel five. That's very exciting. But when you get your. You know, give us a call and give us the information. And and we'll see what we can do that. Because that's very very exciting. Member. So you'll have like a whole new a whole new Christmas tradition being born right now, that's very exciting. So maybe the kids. Not only in your family. But maybe families all over the country will be singing that song in you know, for decades to come. You never know how these things will happen. So anyway. Thanks for the call Maryland. We really really appreciate it. That's that's a nice story. Geoff Garin prime Ville, Oregon this morning, everybody on the west coast..

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