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Correspondent saga megani? Reports is angering European allies. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the administration's implemented in nineteen ninety six act giving Americans the right to sue mostly European companies operating out of property Cuba seized when Fidel Castro to power every president fifty three percent also believe congress should take steps to impeach Trump. If he is found obstructed Justice. Even if he did not have inappropriate context with Russia about six in ten believe obstructed Justice, the poll also shows thirty five percent of Americans think Trump did something illegal while thirty four percent think he has done something unethical. Mike Kemp in Washington billionaire Kerry go says he'll run for president of Taiwan goes chairman of Foxconn technology, the largest consumer electronics company in the world. He says he'll bring pro business and China friendly policies to what's expected to be crowded field for next year's election. The FOX contact -nology chairman's fortune is estimated by Forbes to be seven point eight billion dollars. He's seeking the opposition nationalist parties nomination for the twenty twenty presidential race against an incumbent hampered by low public approval ratings goes candidacy would be the first four Taiwan business mogul. A substitute teacher in Kentucky is in jail for allegedly endangering middle school students by teaching them while she was drunk w k y T TV reports thirty two year old Brooke Ellen west was arrested Monday on charges of public intoxication and endangering the welfare of a minor Scott county sheriff's deputies say she told authorities. She had four shots vodka while teaching a class at Royal springs middle school in Georgetown, they say, she smelled of alcohol was unsteady on her feet yelled and cursed at the children and had a blood alcohol content level of point three one seven Scott county schools say the teacher is no longer employed by the district. When does congress say the Muller report, I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute Democrats in congress are fuming after hearing the attorney general plans to speak with the public. I tomorrow morning about the special counsels. Russia report then provided to congress about four hours later. Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein expects the White House to be ready with its rebuttal arguments that they've already made that there was no basis for the investigation to begin. And that this was simply an attack on the current president classes resumed tomorrow at Columbine high school in Colorado closed today because of a security threat superintendent Jason glad you're relieved that the threat to our schools in community is no longer present a Miami area teen who had made threats and purchased a weapon was found dead today. An apparent suicide a tour bus tragedy off Portugal's Madeira Island twenty eight tourists were killed. I'm Jacky Quin. More news right after this..

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