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Carol burnett. Tim Conway the funniest guy she ever met in two thousand four Conway himself talk to the TV academy. That is comedy philosophy saying never wanted to be the star. I would much rather stay in the background small things. Go on. The class. He said he had no regrets. John what I wanted to do. The failures have been just as funny as the successes as for how he'd like to be remembered. I think maybe the smile Tim Conway was eighty five wins news time, six forty nine. Former New York City congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from Bronx halfway house a final step following eighteen months in prison and a half way house. Anthony Weiner, must come here to the Federal Bureau prison in Brooklyn to be registered as a level one sex offender and complete paperwork. We're now he'll be supervised by prison officials over the next three years. He left that halfway house in the Bronx. Just after six this morning saying this could be out. Hope to my family and make up for some time. I feel like I am glad to be getting back to my family hope to be able to live a life of integrity and service and. Chapter. My life is incredibly it has been eight years since Anthony Weiner troubles began caught sexting pictures of himself to women and teens resigning from congress a failed bid for mayor. And then his prison time. We'll see where Anthony Weiner live heads from here. Gwen shock ten ten wins in sunset park. News time six fifty police and a Bronx family are hoping someone recognizes a puppy snatcher. Who grabbed a pit bull puppy that had jumped out of a stroller in the Fordham section last week. The dog's owner Hector Santiago spoke to channel two news. He says the puppy ran off near one hundred ninety th street and Jerome avenue..

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