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Online parade publishers weekly and on fitness. She's also a former figure competitor. And so. Sought after speaker who lectures extensively around the country. And we're I want to start is exactly what the figure competitor stuff. That's so intense and normally completely devastates people's digestion like seeing the number of people that just get mold up inside from that. Yes. What was that experience? Like what drew you to that? My actually my sister-in-law Jill Coleman who was like, Jillian you you have a wonderful body. You would be a fabulous figure competitor. Let's do it. And so I really jumped into it having no prior experience, and so started with the meal plan and the exercise plan, and I think that I might be an exception because I really never struggled with my gut health during competition like during getting getting ready like the prep all of those things I think with my medical background that I could approach it with a more grounded perspective in terms of nutrition. Like, I always made sure to get my vegetables. I avoided. A lot of the mental and emotional traps that I see a lot of competitors fallen to where they become they become food obsessed. All or nothing mentality. So when you're you know, if for your listeners that don't know when you're getting ready for a show, it is weeks and weeks and months of months of eating like boiled chicken breasts. You know, this and like broccoli that's like in a baggy, you know, in your eating constantly. You're eating multiple times of day. Very very bland food in before you know, it you're like fantasizing about like bacon cheeseburger, like you would rather.

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