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That's how the that's kind of what happened with Harley, you know. And I think that there is some I think she has sympathy for the joker. And then the ba- Batman. Has sympathy for her and watching this like watching her chase after him. Yeah. There definitely seems to be a level of Batman being like, you're you got like there were like few episodes where you see him like the joker doesn't care about you. And she's like shut up. He was a big Malley. You guys get the digital remastered that just came out. Oh, yeah. You mean with the tiny funk? Oh, oh, yeah. It's sitting here in my walls. Yeah. At comecon. They played it on the big screen side by side and that show holds up anyway, it's like film, Noir mutiple, but to watch it re colored it's like, holy crap. It's so beautiful. Yeah. Got it. I mean, I feel like you know, we're talking about origin stores. I think this is a good place to jump in on Harley Quinn. So Harley Quinn her full name is Dr Harley Francis Quincy, well, this V H D. And this is you know, she what's dope is she came from the animated series, but she still had that like nineties level. Like naming where like superhero names, their real name sounds like their nickname. I always bring it up on the podcasts. Black bolts real name is blacker guard bolt again. Really shot for the moon. Edwards 'nigma? Right. Yeah. That's that's the Ridler come on. That's that'd be like, that's the guy. That's gonna be the guy. It sounds like but early Quincy fictional character. Appearing in DC comics was created by Paul dean and Bruce him, and I appeared in Batman the animated series, which makes her so unique, you know, which goes to show just the performance just like, you know, I feel like a lot of times people underestimate or under appreciate except for the fans the over. I was gonna say over appreciate. But he appreciate just enough voice actors and just how dynamic their performance can be because Harley Quinn would not exist without the performance. You know, like if that wasn't a amazing performance in the animated series. It could have just been a character that lived in died with this series. But instead it was so good that because of Arlene. Yeah. Like had she not given that voice all those crazy little quirks and highs and lows and things like catch ear the what was that? Not just another chicks voice. It's really she breathed life into this character that you want to hear more from even though it can be high or irritating. Crazy like I got to work. I want to hear. More. Yeah. Yes. So going off of what you were saying about Arleen. So she was a former star of the soap opera days of our lives and appeared in a dream sequence on that series in which she ward just or costume. So like terrorists saying it was literally based on literally that episode is why they created Harley. Yeah. Yeah. So she starred in an episode titled jokers favor in September of nineteen Ninety-two tear. I wanted to know because she was just supposed to be kind of like a walk on role. If she was just supposed to kind of be like, the sidekick, but not really have what she is. Now, why do you think that people latched onto her and have stayed latched onto her? Yeah. I think that reason has changed over time. And I think initially people were so drawn to her because first of all the fact that joker even has a girlfriend interesting like who would date the joker. And the fact that she's so lovable in so loyal. And also her costumes are always kick ass. No matter what they put her in Harleys. Like, you know, it's the biggest cause play. Like, especially Comecon, but any of them, you know, there's just Harley events like I went to like a Harley panel in the whole room was Harley. Of course, I the prized everyone in 'cause plate, and it was freight, those pictures are awesome. But I think people like I think they were drawn to her initially because of the total package it was her drying. It was it was the writing of her. It was the acting was how she looked and the dynamic between her and joker and how she would go for Batman like what cute little chicks gonna go after Batman Harley. You know, like, I think there was so much that went into this perfect storm to create this kick ass chick..

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