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And if they can't get this kid walks. They don't really deserve to be a starting quarterback in the nfl. It's interesting 'cause noah fant is going granted this is president premium fcc. But noah fant on on his eighty p right now is at the six zero five and going at six twelve bear. The first broncos pass catchers off the board going in the same round even though they play different missions Parris campbell well. Let's here for a second fairly this guy. I've grabbed late in a few draft so far stephen holder on twitter Announced that Parris campbell said. He's one hundred percent recovered from his season ending knee injury. That also took place in me to last season. He has indeed and weird to practice for indianapolis now. The one week was healthy. Like sutton he did not miss week one because of a shoulder injury week. One last year. nine targets. He caught six of them for seventy one yards. He s twenty three right now. He turns twenty four july. And this again almost a full year to recover from this ligaments here but this is not the only injury parris campbell's had in fact he's been kinda snake bit as you said was starting over the course of his career with a lot of nagging injuries or different injuries. In fact in his rookie year that culminated in a season ending a broken foot injury. Now you look at work campbell's going right now And i think there is some value here when when you're looking for players against sixteenth round seventeenth round. Who else are you gonna find there with the upside. Parris campbell is going behind on ross brown and could area's. Tony is going right. Ahead of quinn says cheapest and russell gauge feral. I love parris campbell in the sixteenth round. This year new quarterback i get that but we just don't know who that number one receiver is going to be could be campbell. Could be could be hilton mood else. You've got my kitchen. I think is pittman. And i think it is hilton. There's going to be plenty of balls in the air here. You've got my attention on this player. I turned away from him when t. y. Hilton excuse his contract and stayed there in indianapolis and yes i can. I can see benefit to choosing parris campbell. Also some of the rookies. That i have been taking in that sixteen round. So so yeah. Parris campbell is is a player that You don't have in on roster and been doing some volume dress and you probably need to look at over just like i'm gonna do. Yeah i didn't campbell. I mean good basketball guy too. I mean you never know how these things can work out and the price is indeed right for me right now. Eat your heart out. Bob barker because i am loving terrace campbell in the sixteenth and seventeenth round. We have jeff sadler. These six times football players championship league winter. Coming up here's warming up in the bullpen. So to speak right now. The last thing i want to get to before we get to jeff and i i normally i would not bring something like this up but i feel like after seeing some of these drafts With the f. fcc i i need to..

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