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Has done a people hate the phrase has done a good service or whatever the phrases. But you know he has he has been a last day. They don't like he's been a good servant. But he has been well, he has been a host who must have been who must be a fantastic fantastic horse to own anyway. Absolutely. 800 K in prize money plus, by the way. And not that it's all about the prize money, but still that's pretty dang good. Meanwhile, in limerick, Tia poo gets up to be quixos. Last year's transfer loaner, a just about just about managed to get up. But in the end, gets on top. And the reason that I switch to him Rory is that Sharjah Sharjah and he deserves all the credit in the world. But there are youngsters coming through and the interesting thing is they're from the juvenile division. And it's normally very, very difficult for them, and obviously these are four year olds racing against one another. But assuming adagio, and again, first of all, never assume, assuming adagio recovers, he's already run a massive race in the great wood and David piper has big plans for him. The Gordon Elliott the LA team regard to Yahoo in the highest regard to brahm had obviously in the highest regard and of course he was with Gordon and held in the highest regard when he was there. And they've pulled clear of slip of the tongue who I think is held in pretty decent regard as well for poor approach and let's say as a horse that you should be putting on your radar. Now they've all turned 5 for a handicap at cheltenham. Little gunshot and then a bullet gun through the window from Frankie take lips. But I would be keeping close on him. When it comes to handicap time for a pork roach and Mark Walsh, they may put a different jockey on when he runs in a big festival race. But in terms of the champion heard, let me look a honeysuckle is honeysuckle. And if she runs to her form, she wins. But was there anything in tihu or coexist or Sharjah's performance that made you go, maybe, maybe, or is it just a case of, yeah, she's the queen and maybe there's something there with a big price that we can back each way. Well, you know me. I'm not a fan of back in the 5 year olds in the champion hurdle. Because I've made it clear before it asked an awful lot in terms of maturity. For them to come up with scratch and you've got to it's quite difficult to build a program for a second season 5 year old who's done well, either one of triumph or being very competitive at that level to come through the season so that they've got the confidence at the end of it to be able to take in the champion. And every night, again, you get something who breaks who breaks the trend, but fundamentally 5 minutes of struggle to jump in hurdle. It's just fundamentally a year to a year or two early for horses with that kind of background. And again, I'm not sure what to make of. That grid to contest. It looked an interesting one on paper. They didn't go particularly hard. And teh who looked beaten between the last two well beaten the natural fire to the traded 105 and running between the last two flights. It could pass through and was going past. He didn't really see a strand at the last. He was a bit slow in the air. He wouldn't have called it a mistake as such, but he just gained it a bit. So people don't saw a second chance. Jumped it well. And I quickly got past them, but surprisingly I quickly. Changed, because if you're watching it through the wrist, you thought it was all over. Going to the last. But fair play to the winner is clearly a tough cookie. It also stay further. This is the tricky one, because it was one of the heavy Grimes. And it was proving tough for them to get through the going at limerick as it always stores at Christmas. But it was run at a crawl, which didn't really bring stamina properly into play. But today who is certainly bred to stay well, not exactly. Fashionable jumps reading yet by mass marvel, but there's also stamina in there. And he will continue to improve. Of course, he didn't go to triumph last year, so he's had a slightly different preparation. And this would have done his confidence the world looked good as well. So he's coming to the second half of the season. With wins under his belt, obviously this was a race confined. To the world, to launch to four year olds, of course, at the time. So I made a little bit easier for him. But he won that grid three and nearest and his return. So yeah, he's kind of coming through. And again, we had the last 5 years to win the champion in the race fell apart a little bit. That's been the case where 5 rules have won the champion in the last 20 odd years. But he's got that kind of profile. He's not. He isn't a typical triumph for us. He's a horse with scope who will keep progressing and he's picked up a couple of reasons this season. So he can be found a trial for the champion. Maybe that gorgeous, for example, my decision. And then he ends up with the with wins under his belt and he will be physically begun to blos again at that stage. He's an interesting one. The former this racism good enough to go of course in the champion. No. I'm just thinking about his development. I think, as I said earlier, I think with a lot of good horses, when they get beaten for the first time, where they find winning easily, that can be a little bit of a crossroads for them. And a lot of them seem to struggle immediately afterwards. And then he sort of reinvent themselves. It was a good and fun really well with this horse and that he's finding winning opportunities for him. So he doesn't have to be going into the champion if he gets there. Not having had to deal with defeat against all the horses. At least until he runs in a trial. So that's promising enough, but I said, you know, in terms of the form, you can't hang an awful lot on it other than the fact of the runner up was a top juvenile last year and that he's pulled it out of the fire. He didn't need to get a second invitation there. He looked like he was going to be done for a tool. But once he saw an opportunity, he grabbed it again. He really grabbed all of the pride. And I liked his attitude. So I like him long term. And my opposition to 5 rules in a childhood was not like, I don't like the horses, individually. I just think it's a really tough thing for a 5 year old given the program..

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