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Turning now to politics all this summer we will be inviting the major candidates officially running for governor here in massachusetts to make their cases to you. And we'll begin with the latest entrant into the race former state representative geoff diehl running in the republican primary deal Unsuccessfully ran against senator elizabeth warren in two thousand eighteen co-chaired the two thousand sixteen campaign here in massachusetts for donald trump representative. Geoff diehl. welcome back to radio boston. Atc on thank you so much. It's good to have you so you you ran for office for the senate in two thousand eighteen. Now it's twenty twenty one. You've declared for governor. What makes you better than anyone else now to be the governor of the commonwealth into run the state. Well i don't wanna put it as better than anyone else. Just different priorities and i think some experience. It may lend itself better to the position. Let's put it that way. I've served in the legislature for eight years Have private sector experience. My wife and i own a small business. We also i work for a another company as well and look where like everybody else too. We've got two daughters one in college one in high school Just trying to make ends meet. I was furloughed during the pandemic. And so you know we certainly understand what's going on with people in massachusetts in two thousand eighteen. I had the chance to travel around the state and meet A ton of people. When i won the republican primary to run against elizabeth warren for the senate and learn really about what the regional issues were that that I'd like to focus on. In fact i was hoping at the time that the senate would be more focused on what was important for massachusetts and now running for governor of massachusetts. I think i had that real chance to talk about the issues. That face our state whether it's regionally or you know obviously in boston housing affordability So i i think that you know my campaign right now is is set up to be focused on massachusetts. And i think that's really what's going to be a key factor in november of.

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