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The UK and enjoying the program on one of the various Sky Sports channels, Chris before we get down to business. I have an important update. Okay. To deal with old business. Okay. We're gonna we're gonna read the minutes and go over the business. We can relax now twain Haskins has received official permission from someone who had no basis to give him permission to wear number seven in Washington. Joe thighs man has decided apparently he doesn't need to have his ring or anything else kissed by Duane Haskins. Thighs men has decided to let Haskins wear number seven. So at least we can resolve that and move forward knowing that has skins gets to wear his number of choice, and Joe is apparently placated. Well, you you sound a little snarky about that. That sounds like gay copy paste. I don't know you tell me, I just I'm just reporting the news. Okay. I don't know. I know that devilish little twinkle in your eye when I see, and I think I just saw it. Well, hey, either way I think Dwayne Haskins went about it the right way as far as respecting somebody that. Hey, listen, you know, say what you want about jobs is and tell me another Washington Redskins quarterback who's been to two Super Bowls. He did win one, of course. And he had a great career, and yeah, okay. I I was wrong when we talked about this with Peter on what was that Tuesday? I thought that the number was actually retired. What is just as name that's in the ring of honor? And they haven't given out, you know, the number for anybody to have. So I understand what you're saying. But obviously, it does mean something or is associated with Joe ties into where the Redskins having given it to anybody else. So he does have some say on the matter Mr. snarky on a Thursday morning Florio. They did speak by phone Wayne Haskins, Joe thighs, but to the extent there was any ring kissing. It would have been. Done figuratively since they didn't actually get together and hash things out. And and Joep Joe thighs men didn't get to be even more relevant at this point than he would like to be. And that's why I'm being a little bit snarky. I just feel like this is a play by Joe to inject himself into a story that otherwise does not involve him. All right on the more important things. What you need to know this hour begins in Kansas City, where we we still don't know what's going to happen with Tyree. Kill there's been multiple reports. Suggesting the NFL is going to put them on the Commissioner exempt list. One of the NFL media reporter said yesterday that the NFL likely won't do anything this week because there really isn't any need to do anything because the chiefs don't have tyreek hill off season workouts. I spoke to Travis Kelsey yesterday about tyreek kill he initially didn't want to say anything, Chris. But eventually, I just I I asked him look do you guys just have a feeling in the locker room that this guy may never be back. Here's what Travis Kelsey had to say. I think it's still up in there. It's just everything's just kind of. I don't know. Nobody really knows exactly what's going on. So. Yeah. And and inside the locker room outside the locker room. Nobody does know what's going on. There's this just overall uncertainty. It's not a positive vibe. And it feels like it's heading in a certain direction. But for now the chiefs not doing any further and the NFL apparently not going to do anything further. It's just amazing Chris where a week removed from that audio coming out and the chiefs sending tyreek hill away and the NFL hasn't even acknowledged the situation that to me is a little bit bizarre. Because at some point you expect the league to to express the same kind of concern that the chiefs have expressed on at least three different occasions. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you would or at least I would like to see that. I think that's jersey in two you'd like to see it as well. I mean, that's the NFL. It's the number one sport in our country. They try to hold themselves to a different standard, or at least they say so at times, but we've seen this, you know, with a view incidents here in recent history to where the NFL has kinda gone off the radar and made no comments about certain. Situations to where I don't understand what the thinking is. I guess they feel like they're not going to interject and anything that's still a legal proceeding. Now that the investigation was back opened since the audio was released that we heard some of the damning things that tyreek hill said that. We're absolutely disgusting. So I guess they look at it that way and go, okay. He's not part of the chiefs organization right now. Anyways, let's continue to gather information and see where it goes from here. But yeah, I just I I am like you. I'm a little surprised something hasn't been said. This is a pretty significant football player on one of the best teams in football. And of course, was a household name last year because of the tyreek hill Patrick homes come combination. And I don't wanna be overly cynical about this. And I want to be sensitive, the broader circumstances. But to the extent that the personal conduct policy and everything associated with it is driven by PR concerns. I think a basic PR approach here would be look why do we want to shine a spotlight on some? Something that is negative right now. Right. If we can get by with saying nothing doing nothing. There's no reason to say anything there's no reason to do anything. Let's just do nothing. I don't know that that's the right approach from the standpoint of what is the right thing to do. But from a PR standpoint, it's the smart thing to do because you don't have a new cycle, featuring the NFL issuing this strong statement of condemnation of tyreek kill drawing that story back out into the open one story that hasn't been drawn out into the open that we didn't even realize what's going on Kansas City relates to defensive lineman. Chris Jones, he's been skipping the voluntary offseason program. Now, just because we mentioned that doesn't mean that we think he should be there. It's newsworthy in his case because the guys trying to get a new contract one way to get your new contract withhold services. And there's no downside withholding your services when you are talking about the voluntary offseason program. So he's entering the final year of his contract is due to make one point two million in base salary and count one point three. Million against the cap. He has not been attending. He wants that contract. And Chris he's one of the guys that I think they've made a priority and look Frank Clark gets five years one hundred five million. He's never taken a snap. Played it down with the Kansas City Chiefs guy who's been there. Getting it done is gonna wanna get paid guy. That's been they're getting done guy. That's been there that was third in the NFL. And sax last year. That's what people I don't know. Everybody realizes that 'cause d Ford and Justin Houston got so much of the, you know attention as far as pass rushers but the best player on the Kansas City. Chiefs defense last year. No question about it is Chris Jones big number ninety five. And I understand I if I were him I would not be showing up either. Because he, you know, he he last year proved that he is in the cream of the crop as far as interior defense align and other than Aaron Donald he's the best interior defense align pass rusher in football. I mean, it goes Aaron Donald one Chris Jones to if you're going to ask. Ask me. Hey, we need some guys who can beat guards and centers up the middle of push the pocket. Create chaos. I would go. Wow. Donald one Jones's to. He's that special football player. And yeah, I understand Mike. I mean, hey, listen you look at the current market. I got it right here in front of me. Aaron Donald the courses the king at twenty two million Fletcher Cox's second at seventeen million. Then you get an Gino aci- and Cohen short at sixteen point three sixteen point one Gerald McCoy at fifteen point eight. Hey, I'm totally comfortable. Putting Chris Jones in the class of those players right there. He is in the Gino Atkins. Cohen short Gerald McCoy Grady, Jared who just got franchised by the Atlanta Falcons. So they're going to have to find a way to pony up and give this guy some cash I remember early in his career. He's a guy who would flash for short periods of time, maybe disappear for a while. But he set the NFL record last year for consecutive games with a sack, and when you are rushing from the interior position that is not. Easy to do. And he is going to want to get paid. You mentioned Justin Houston d for another both gone. But you throw them in with Christian. How in the world is the defense so bad last year who who's playing in the secondary. Yeah. If you're if you're defensive line is that good, but your defense can't slow anybody down. Yeah. No. I know Mike think about AFC championship game is awesome. As Brady and gronk and Eshelman word down the clutch. Think about it. I mean, it was you know, wide open ten yards in front of Brady completion. It was gronkowski wide open on a slant completion version, and then it was adamant again down the middle wide open. So there's been issues with Kansas City. This is why they fired about Bob Sutton and went into Steve Spagnolo because. Yeah, the pass rush was just even though it was dangerous. There wasn't enough depth behind it. And at times. Yeah. They just run out of steam because of that. And then when you only have to take one Pat of the ball and throw it open guy. It's hard to get to the quarterback that way. Okay. We're going to slow down to Atlanta now where falcons receiver Julio Jones still looking for a new contract. He said he doesn't need to be the highest paid receive in game. But. Okay. He's not the one who's negotiating the deal his agents are and I think there is an effort to make him the highest paid receiver in the game. Thomas Dmitrov, speaking about the situation via the Atlanta Journal constitution says he's not concerned about the situation. But for the fact that it's unbelievable where the numbers are going in the reality of it is that you have to be very mindful of the market and the market is dictating where Julio Jones will be and we know that. And I understand it's unbelievable where the numbers are going, but it's all driven by the ongoing increase in the salary cap. When the cap goes up over ten million dollars every year that money trickles down to the players and the best players get more money than they otherwise would have gotten and we're on the brink of a possible explosion in the salary cap with the new labor deal new TV deals and the ongoing spread of legalized gambling. There's going to be more money than ever available to pay players and the owners are getting theirs and the players need to get there. And we continue to never bat an eye at how much. Money. The owners are pocketing. But for some reason, we continue to get upset at the notion that a player is making a lot of money. I don't know that that ever goes away. But I'm never gonna stop pointing that out. Even if it's just one every even if it's just one person out there who hears it every time, I say, thanks. You know, what why do we get mad at these guys for getting paid the money's there? The owners are making. There's why do we begrudge these guys getting paid for the abilities? They have the sacrifices they they make and the risks. They take let's keep beating that drum Mike because you know, what I can't remember specifically last week on profootballtalk. There was an article again about somebody asking for more money. And I always go down to read the comments just to get a gauge of what fans feel by it. And you know, it was the same thing. You know, just oh how these guys never honor their contracts and all that stuff, and my, you know, my head wants to pop off when I read that stuff again because it just never hear the conversation when it's vice versa and a team cuts a player asked them to restructure his contract. Because they don't feel like he's playing up to par to that contract. So that drives me crazy. I know you and me let's continue to do that this Julio Jones thing though, going to be interesting to see where it goes, you know, where what how are they going to pay them? What are they gonna do here as going to be a brand new contract or they're gonna give them a more sweetener where they give them a guaranteed money type of thing? But when you talk about he doesn't need to be paid like the top receivers of football. Well, he's going to be wanna to be paid like at least in that conversation. You know with Antonio Brown making sixteen seventy year and Mike Evans making sixteen year. He certainly going to want to be right there. He might not want to get to Dell's eighteen million years or say, but either way it's going to cost the Atlanta Falcons chunk of change here. Pay a guy that certainly in the combo for one of the best receivers in the game. And there's different ways to frame these contracts. The bottom line is he's got one year left on his current deal. He wants to rip it up. He wants a new contract, and he's going to want to be compensated. And this is his last chance because he's on the wrong side of thirty. It's amazing. It still feels like he's new to the NFL with these seasons role by. By and before you know, it you you have to start thinking how much more can I make before I'm no longer in a position to make elite NFL money. All right. One more quick before we take a break. Tomorrow is the annual deadline for exercising. The fifth year option on first round contracts from three years earlier twenty sixteen is the year. We're looking at now most of the players are having their fifth year option picked up this is the ultimate pass fail on whether or not you're regarded as a sufficiently good player players like Jack. This was a surprise top ten pick Jack conklin and the titans. They're not picking up his option for the offensive lineman shack loss and defensive line with bill's not picked up by apple who got traded from the giants to the saints in the states, still retain the right to exercise that option, and it I remember they were happy with ally..

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