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Or visit Mayo Clinic dot org well good morning Katie green here taking a look at your traffic we have some slowing right now on five eighty this is the westbound direction hacienda drive there is a vehicle over to the right hand side looks like everybody is okay Hey I once I got a flat tire not too sure what's in the roadway still dealing with this situation on crow canyon road then the westbound direction that Norris canyon this is a vehicle that collided with a cow the count the cow is is is not in good shape that's not even a fair fight it's really not actually it looks like the cal might have won this one because it does it I mean it's hurt it's not it's not dead and they said the cow is injured but the car went straight up off the roadway yeah so it looks like we had somebody who is gracious enough to pull over to help out so now we have two cars over to the right hand side and they're shutting down injure canyon road at the crow canyon interchange so that they can clear whatever's in the root but now they're dealing with the situation that got in handle their Perot's southbound six eighty it burn now all we have a vehicle in the right lane eastbound five eighty ad ninety eighth Avenue there's gold all I can't think of anything better glass and metal in the roadway that's all across the two middle lane yeah that's what you need on a commute this.

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