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And all that stuff in more but just seeing those two together considering their history and now that they are so close joking around of course it was the first time that i had the opportunity to actually see matt hughes with my own is shake his hand speak a little bit he is walking on his own he's in very good spirits his speech is a little bit effective affected but he's absolutely one hundred percent there and talking to you about the fights and remember you he's he's he's all there in fact bj even made a joke at his expense which was which was incredible i asked i asked jay has something they said that they had had had gone on a road trip from i believe hillsboro illinois which is where matt hughes lives and bj picked him up and then they went to chicago to go to the fights and i asked them you know who drives because bj's coach jason pirlo tommy that jay's not the best driver of it came up a couple of days prior so anyways i asked that and then he said yeah he met manny drove you know he drove for a good portion of time although we don't let them drive through train tracks holy crap i can't believe you actually made that joke and they were both laughing and it was it was all good so it wasn't too soon or anything like that and we're approaching actually a year it was i remember it was just a couple days after the mcgregor announcement which was a year ago this week as well so i was i was blown away that he made that joke but it was so nice to see them together and in good spirit happy really good really good stuff i was i was i was really glad to see them together esp.

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