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Really? Yeah. Quincy Jones, what are you doing for mother's day for Janki? I am run. Right. My kids in myself. We're all going to brunch. Rajini are going to get our gift to you, whoever you wanna give if their mother I'm not opposed to that. Or you oppose that? It will give you PO box number you ship. It. In person. Victoria's secrets dot com can be one people keep picking up on streets walking the two miles house. Pick up the little people walking down the street help. The little people little people showed me, whatever they were short six to you a little person who had me get you guys. Should you should make sure you take care of your family, your significant other? I don't have a significant other. I have a mom take care you. Make sure you. Yeah. Nice brunch. What? Sam. Yup. Rocca they might have they got because you don't live out there. Holy long relationship day, not work. The dodgers police last night nine to nine to four Kershaw was really good last night. The dodgers just jaw Justin Turner continues to be hot key and their dodgers rolling. They are rolling dodger sweep their way to tie for the best record in major league baseball. My beloved dodgers dodger blue that is got it started with a two run to out-rallying the second as Alice Paducah singled up the middle in KiKi. Hernandez key king got to Mike folks full almost full to photos wits. Navid Bolton blasting his seven dunk of the year to left feel. To the left field wall with a two old lead. No man, crush. I just like her show, but Rosh put in here. My man crush Kershaw ran into a Iran into trouble in the fourth. Freddy Freeman got him out with a double in Raja's. Boy, Ronald a kunia junior. Follow. Coon kunia, absolutely smoking. Right. I don't like how you write this going to be real careful, absolutely smoking town. So what you read it live is different than prescreening because you may slip something in here. Followed by absolutely smoking Deng right center to cut the lead to three to L Z's boy, Joe Kelley. Yes. Dominated the ninth striking out the side. That's not three need Travis guy, Kinley Janssen Kinley, which one Jansen that new Kelly Janssen. Thank god. Joe Kelly had two strikeouts three. But that's details. He he's organise aller made possible again by Leroy's Donut. Shop this mother's day make mom feel special get some Leroy's glaze Leroy's Donut shop.

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