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Charles was involved almost certainly cult leader manson still in residence at the end county jail on the arsanin theft charges so bully olshey had driven out to independence to interview family members lynette squeaky frohn and sandra good neither admitted any knowledge of the tate lobby haka or henman murders spouting little beyond platitudes about love and karma and the incomprehensibility of time bouillaud see came away with the disturbing impression that he was getting robotic responses there was a vacancy behind their eyes they appeared programmed down to their be ateffect smiles whenever they referred to charlie but boulia's see also suspected that fear might be a component of their performance confined in the small jail at independence anything they said would likely be passed on to other family members the decision was made to transfer 5 of the girls to civil brand and isolate them from each other and from susan atkins one at the transferees was a slender attractive young woman who had been booked under the name leslie sangsthan nothing in charlie's first audition indicates his musical gifts will propel him to superstar status beyond that of the beatles he shows up at universal and proudly escorts producer gary stromberg around his school bus refitted into a living quarters of sorts before girls mary lynette pat susan are there to ply the executive with donors and hints of sexual availability stromberg is intrigued by the diminutive musicians sway over his little entourage for the women hang on his every syllable eagerly awaiting his next command but when they get into the recording studio it cleared charlie as out of his element he seems put off by the technology unable to communicate is needs to the engineers or respond to their directives and yet strawberry thinks there might be something in charlie's too.

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