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Nineteen forty one. Date which will limb. Infamy was the day that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. It was also the day. Franklin Delano Roosevelt became a wartime. President Michael Beschloss is the NBC news. Presidential historian. His new book is called presidents of war. The epic story from eighteen o seven to modern times. Michael's with us right now. Welcome to Seattle morning. Thank you very much. You have spent a lot of time researching presidents and war and how the war affected their presidencies. What kind of a conclusion, do you? Do you draw from your research conclusion is that the president who took us into war from James Madison all the way up to George W Bush, and the thing is that we've gotten to the point nowadays where a president could take us into war overnight, really even without consulting the Senate. So we're living in a new world. Does this sound an alarm about presidential power it does? And the reason for that is that you know, any president has the ability to send young Americans. Onto a battlefield which is very different from the for what the founders intended, the founders said president has to go to congress got a war declaration, the last time, a president has congress reward for war declaration was right after that sound clip. We just heard it was Franklin Roosevelt in nineteen forty two. And that's why you oftentimes here. President of people talking about a president. Maybe waging an October surprise two thousand eleven president. Trump was president with putting out tweets accusing block Obama up plotting to get involved in the war to win the two.

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