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Feedback. Sure. Well, what's your describing kind of a raw crusty somewhat even ulcerated area on the front leg is something we term lick granulomas. And the causes of this type of thing in dogs can be many. And you mentioned, you know, nervous habit. And that's certainly one cause, but I'll be honest, there are a lot more skin and allergic causes for this kind of thing than just a pet that's nervous. So when we do see this, a lot of pets, it's a manifestation of itchiness in their skin. And people are different than dogs. We got to kind of look back at that. People we get a lot of hay fever signs. If we have an allergy about. Dogs, their target organ is their skin. So while we sniffle and sneeze, they lick and shoe. And the front leg is just right for the taken. It's in their eyesight. It's just a real common area where this kind of thing happens. So whatever you try, the number one thing that you need to do is to not allow that repeated licking cycle. So that may mean using different means such as elizabethan collars, socks, even bandaging, managing is fraught with a little bit of some complications there. But we have to keep him from not licking, because that repeated looking, even though the tongue is somewhat soft, compared to say like a cat's tongue, it's stimulating inflammation further. So we've got to stop that cycle. But once we get to the level where what I've described is where it's raised crusty ulcerated, sometimes these will even get a little oozy. Those are ones that need some more of a medical approach to them. So we can do things to target infection and a true hotspot what we call a hotspot is actually a pyoderma, which is a bacterial infection. So part of how we treat these me, including antibiotics. But then we look at the things to help with the alleviating the itch. And it sounds like the veterinarian may have used something like an antihistamine, which side effect can be drowsiness. But it can certainly help some pets. There are other pets that we need other things to help as well. And those may be other types of allergy medications, either injections or other types of pills that can help to squash the edge so that feels more comfortable and leaves the aerial loan. But there are things like diet, you mentioned diet and believe it or not food allergy can occur and kind of lead to some of these symptoms where they're licking repeatedly. So addressing diet with a good hypoallergenic diet can be part of what we do along with all of these. And I could go on for an hour and all the different allergy therapies we do. So there are some other things you mentioned topicals. And yeah, there are some topicals that can be helpful. But I doubt that that alone is going to be the answer to your situation. But using conjunction with some of these other therapies, we might have a better chance of knocking this. At least to a quieter face. Some hats continue to be plagued with these. And I've used therapeutic laser treatments to help decrease the inflammation and that can go really far to help decrease the inflammation and improve their healing time. So it just depends on what your veterinarian what they feel is the most appropriate for the situation, but I would look at topical ceramides, which are types of topicals that your veterinarian may prescribe to put on the area or in elsewhere on the body. And then we may use things like either fatty acid supplements or there's diets specific for pets with skin problems. One of my little critters is on I hate to say brands, but it's on a one called germ defense, and it has enhanced fatty acids for skin, enhancing the skin barrier. So there's those kind of steps we can take as well. And then the allergy medications, you'll certainly we'd have to be appropriate for your pet. Costs can play a role. Sometimes this topical spray is kind of the cheapest thing you can go with, but you may need to hit it from another direction using, say, an antibiotic or another anti itch medicine through your veterinarian. So it really is individualized to what your pet needs. So I think there's some good help that can be given. But you just got to go for it. Well, your staff has been awesome. So I got to enjoy the program. I enjoy it. Oh, so do I. I do too. And you know what? I even get a paycheck too. I got a question for you. Otter pop. I just love the name otter pop. Have you done shopping for otter pop for Christmas? Is there anything that you're getting? Because we read the survey that most people spend about 237 bucks. Have you spent any money on otter pop yet? He's so pampered. He so love. We have something special in mind. They do spend money on honor a lot. But those are their fur babies. Of course, there are children I completely understand. Well, thanks so much for calling today, Suzanne. You guys are the best. I work for petco. But I'm now going to professional volunteer forum. And listening to your show has enlightened, not just myself. But I share the information with the associates and the staff at petco. Very informative. Well, thank you so much. We appreciate it and of course we couldn't do it without listeners like you. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. All right, Randy Travis here in your listening to animal radio. Holy days from your Friends at fido friendly magazine. The fall winter issue is available now for your dog to sniff out all the great vital friendly hotels and great products to set all tails wagging. This is the must have issue of the year so subscribe today at final friendly dot com with code honey and get a 15% discount. Make this a gift for an additional $10 for your fido loving friends and have a fight or fabulous holiday. Hi everybody this is Frankie Avalon and

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