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Six miles. Five into reach she's got two inches height seven inches. We, add them together. I didn't know that's how we do it. Now, we add them together we do. Bri. Here's I have no data on this but I don't think you guys do well betting against Long Island fighters just in general. Like. It ends up being a headache and it's like bittersweet. So. I'm going to stay away from yours. That's Harry I know for sure I, don't have luck in guys in the top ten and top twenty. I don't want skunk your bed because I had a fourth round in brandon todd with an h stroke lead on the eleventh. Place. Golfer and he couldn't even hold on. So I'm not going to jinx shoe pollock. Yours is fun. We're GONNA have to. have to Google hole in one PGA championship right like. All Day Long. Until Until One day cure. Exactly. Correct yeah that'd I'll update you update us on top of that got some weird news or bad news. A coal has just finished six sittings and it's raining at Yankee Stadium. You guys. How're you call Miguel in the morning? pleased. Gal. Miguel. We need. Miguel. Start on pioneering. Keep. PLAY ON GUYS Aright parlay kidding aside from taking out a loan to pay for this. This complete game bed. What are you going on this week? At the Chalk Talker Sal That's really bad. It just watching a lot of sports on my painting Cabinet Sierra at home I'm doing some some home improvements that my wife asked me to do while I have the time and looking forward to Get myself back. To Work here soon. Hope. That's right. So we've got going on. That's all get back to work. Get be prepared to answer the diarrhea question Farley Kid I wanted a lot every day and they asked me if I have diarrhea and they don't have anybody else. They just asked me for some reason. But all right that'll be fun. Yeah, I don't even know. Earlier in the week for us but I think I don't know if we're GONNA move to Thursday's or to have a podcast every day. So we'll have Monday Wednesday Friday. We're GONNA have extra points and then Tuesday there against all odds and Thursday laugh lines or we're going to reverse that but. Maybe you. Guys can weigh in at D. Cousins Sal. What is what the Hell's our email address? Cousin sal against all odds of So any thoughts them that way brother Bry. What's going on you? At the brother Bri- yeah, just. Just. So many sports I mean I think today was the record I I think I lost the most amount of money before three o'clock on a Monday today than. I can remember I, don't remember ever losing three. Games before three. That's Thursday on. A Monday around like the bowl games you know maybe that would be right. The maybe once you know. rained-out Wimbledon final right? Right. I, mean, yeah, you have some. Right. Exactly but yeah just tons of sports You know when we were talking about you have to it's funny. I was debating I also liked Olympic and the and the fight this week against Louis because we've seen Louis struggle against wrestlers and it's just like this is a five round fight. It's weird at Olympic Plus Two, twenty, five someplace. What else what else I gotta explained to my daughter when I see her because she's away right now that she did not make her travel soccer teams. Funny. So I dropped her off for like they tell her for an evaluation to come down. But because Kobe you're not allowed anywhere near the field. So she went to like five different groups before they got her into the right group. They never called me back inside shot them dead. There's no way that any idea name or who she wanted. So then what I asked. Yeah we don't think she's right but they have no idea who she even was so that that was run ads parts. For the funniest part is when you bring her is she should show up pretend like she made it. But then explain it to our. Embrace. She's a big Guy I N S Q fan. `scuse out so. Yup I will say that I definitely Wnba for me I for some reason, find female sports except for you have see a little bit easier I don't know why I should just focus on Wnba idea do something figure it out. Harry what about you? Yeah. You know just just a lamp and down here in like A. Land clamp and that's it just is. Going to be watching games all weekend and I can't wait. It's great though when the text messages as day does go along Bryant especially thousand most of them sometimes he's an art, but you can just tell when things are getting beat down for the kid I, mean, the tax message is just do a one eight by by about four thirty in the afternoon on. Saturday, after the Gulf burial, the tax them out to dinner. Outrageously heroic turnaround for us. It really is I'm telling, Ya. I think those are weak. because. Jim Cunningham. Is Growing the mustache in nothing from Nikki Glaser. Back. Jim had an online date. Virtual date and. Now. All right. All right. Well, everything's GonNa Start, picking up for all of us and we will see you next week. That's another episode of against all odds. Watch Fox Bent live Monday through Friday four PM Eastern, follow us at points, dot com and me at the cousin sal on twitter for the degenerate and Jim Cunningham I'm sal saying so long and happy handicapping. Talk..

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