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Not buying if the major banks and investment companies have their way. Monday morning money, a movie sports and the forecast all ahead where the day begins. Its first light. So, as I mentioned fighter wants permission to begin using its covid vaccine allowed under emergency use regulations right now in booster shots as correspondent Jerry Bodlander reports they're going to take their case directly to top U. S health officials today. Jerry Michael more than 100 and 84 Million people in the US have received at least one dose of a covid 19 vaccine. And about 159 million have been fully vaccinated. That's about 48% of the country. Whether a booster shot will be necessary will be the focal point of a meeting today between Pfizer and administration officials. Pfizer said last week it believes a booster is needed and plans to ask for regulatory approval, saying data shows the protection The vaccine provides against coronavirus declines over time. The Department of Health and Human Services quickly fired back, saying Americans who have been fully vaccinated quote do not need a booster shot at this time. But appearing on ABC s this week, Dr Anthony Fauci left the door open, even though the CDC and the FDA correctly said right now. We don't feel you need a booster. That doesn't mean that we're not very, very actively following and gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it. And if and when we do, we'll have everything in place to do it. Fauci said The latest information available doesn't justify another shot. The discussion comes amid rising concern about the highly transmissible Delta variant, which now accounts for more than half the new covid cases in the country. Fauci didn't mince words when describing the strain. This is a nasty very and it has a much greater capability of transmitting from person to person. We know from extensive experience, not only in our own country here in the United States, but in other countries. That the vaccines that we are using work extremely well against the Delta variant, which is why the refusal of some Americans to be vaccinated is frustrating deaf algae and other health officials. The vaccination rate in Arkansas is among the lowest in the country and also appearing on ABC s this week. It's Governor Asa Hutchinson acknowledged that getting vaccinated can be a tough sell. But he stressed, it shouldn't be a partisan issue. Clearly conservative is more hesitant about government authority. That's just the nature of it. And so I think in the southern states and some rural states, you have that more conservative approach. Hutchinson says he has no issue with the administration's ongoing vaccination push. I'm Jerry Bodlander. Michael. Thanks, Jerry. It is 10 minutes past the hour, and this is first light. Now, from a shot in the arm. He was shot into space or at least the edge of space. 71 year old billionaire Richard Branson has flown into space aboard his own winged rocket ship more like a space plane than the traditional capsules. We used to see in more streamlined and cool looking, then those space shuttles. Hansen thus beat his rival Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezoza, who will soon be scratching at the edge of space in his own company's craft. It's not quite a giant leap for mankind. It's part science and part commerce, moving space tourism much closer to reality. Scientifically. It was similar to the first two Mercury capsule launches in 1961 from NASA 15 minute flights past the edge of space, a few minutes of weightlessness and then right back down, although this time gliding onto a new Mexico runway smoothly rather than dropping into the Pacific Ocean. But this and other flights to follow by Bezos's company and Elon Musk SpaceX are showing that it doesn't take a government to venture out beyond Earth. Here are highlights of the Flight three. 21 release release release. Clean release ignition. Good rocket motor burn moments later and 60 seconds And that is a foal. Duration. Burn, folks, we are headed to space. I don't know about you all. But I am still feeling overwhelmed and excited about what we just witnessed. And there's one person in particular who has got to be having all of the fields right now, as you can see him, sending a congratulatory group congratulatory shake to his passenger Colin Bennett there with them. Congratulations to.

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