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Ruis right is that not the best ruiz was a manhattan office worker in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine when she decided to run the new york marathon for application was too late but she received special dispensation after claiming she was dying of brain cancer ruiz took the subway to the finish line fact not discovered until months later she was recorded as having completed the new york marathon in a time to qualified her for the nineteen eighty boston marathon in boston she ran onto the course in the final mile and was the first woman to cross the finish line a week later ruis was disqualified in jacqueline garo of canada declared the winner i met her a couple of years later in miami guerrero she said after a ten kilometer race she came up to me and introduced herself i said why did you do that in boston she said i ran it i want it yeah i said forget it so this woman likes to maybe live in james komi ask above the body world so there you go she's still believed that she ran the race by the way she did not give her medal back she refused so she still has that thing situations where they probably don't have a procedure in place somebody to be a goodwill you know not expected that you would cling onto this for dear life but apparently we found someone in november one thousand nine hundred eighty three she was charged with trying to sell two kilograms of cocaine to a miami undercover narcotics detective she got three years probation she was always into scheme set a former friend who has that are named up used i love that that's the kicker quote by the way the final quotas this was always disclaims former friend who doesn't want to be quoted i mean who doesn't want her name behind it yeah so but but this is the deal tampa tribune this is what this is where this articles coming from tried to track down rosa ruis because it's been thirteen years this was published in ninetythree it had been thirteen years since she did this huge crazy thing that.

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