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Pancake by drunk dump truck dot com go go. You're you're so you're not familiar with the whitest kids. You know right that that needs to be a future challenge. Because it's just oh god his word what i find. Is that like a comedy central or youtube thing. I don't even know. Actually i will find. I mean it was. How did you find them. I truly do not remember. It's one of those things because you're seen kid me. The comedy shows. No no no. Oh god well okay do you. How did you get into saturday night. Do you remember that. Yeah a sleepover okay. Fine fine I'm sure it was like i. Can i can remember the exact episode. I can remember. The exact episode. Might have been steve. martin. I remember one of the fake commercials was very hot. Wheels style thing called meat wagon and it was about It's one of the film segments from season one or so and it's it's about an ambulance And it was funny. Made me laugh. i'm mile and i don't remember. I just always been there. She watched the george exit fifty seven and the other one No sorry what's the what's the one with our friends from wet hot. That's i know this shit show The state the yeah. Yeah oh you're youngster. Yes well no not. No not when i was a youngster like i was in cool enough. Nobody i was saying like we were watching. What what. I don't know at least twice a month so we're watching went off night before last. Oh my god. I love that movie so much. I just i every time. Christopher maloney's funnier. Oh my god get them. Take time sweaters decree by friday. The i will i we were we talk about. David wayne our patron saint. But i wondered like because that's around the time. I think that he started on us view and i was wondering like i wonder if there's any kind of pollution you know john. C reilly kind of plays sundays. Ashamed of epa. Plays down the. Tim and eric stuff. Yeah he hasn't what he's like. An academy award nominated actor. I think and he didn't want that to be the top thing on his cv. Is you know. Steve brule doctor. Sorry but But I wonder if that was company interference. Not now here's what's funny. Those watching this. And i'm just like i'll fucking kim marino camerino also in the other two Amp already down. And he's always doing the same character and it's always perfect and But i was thinking. It's so funny. Because i know adam i've heard adam talk about the state a lot and i became aware of exit. Fifty seven because of amy sedaris. I did watch and love kids in the hall in reruns. I adored it in reruns on comedy central. But it's so funny. It's like when the mister show joke about like we're from different generations you now. I'm into star wars and you like that empire strikes back shit. It's like if i were two or three years younger even. I think i'm just missed my my window. I never saw any of those shows that makes a. Yeah no that actually makes a lot of sense now. I mean. I love those actors. I mean everybody. Michael showalter is just he so goddamn funny in that movie all my god and david remember win center sound the i i was about to say when i think about it all the time. Well i this is creepy. But also i have listened to his appearances on a mac power users a couple of times i think because it's not about how he deals with. Pdf's and all the paperwork. It's just i like. I will admit yes. Yes creepy. kinda scandi us director. David wain i was about to tell you how i write really values your listen. If that's what that thirty second button is for you to get through. But i really like listening to how he works in rice especially on set and especially with like. It's interesting to work with funny people. He's he he and i remind you. Can you know dump flex dump flex but no. It's not a dump flex because you happen to be friends with his writing. Partner had a very mature process for how they use that. I was extremely impressive. We have great children's hospital in google. Docs it's incredibly fascinating and very grow up and like not fiddly and not like minimum last. It's just they just fucking do their work and just try to avoid final draft as much as possible. Oh god i the in those. I if you will you wanna talk about your flex. I don't know if you've talked about a final draft with them personally but like almost downplay it. I had a car i did. I had a call with the three of us had to call about that and we opportunities for improvement kelly. David wayne is fantastic. And i love him very much. Michael showalter brilliant jolo. Josiah's up out of nowhere and that mike was super excited because she loves Boil on nine and when when he shows up drunk driving the van. And what i forget about that every time. Oh my god. I i know i forget so much about that movie. Look i know. Paul rudd's in it but i forget how improbably fucking funny alright is in that movie is i. Me is katie. I've never had more fine. Watching a man beating picks up his chair. Okay let's talk about death. Oh let's talk about the the the the okay so the One of the founding members of the way kids you know passed away a couple of weeks ago and it sounds like when it like. His death probably sounded like it was a little bit embarrassing. Probably like He like he got drunk or something fell down. And it's super it's super stocked out. Obviously but like his the the rest of his friends to gather. I know everybody's been wondering and and yet He he died second his own deck. Like but hey finally achieved it and i can't do it justice because it it's a little bit but the i i feel like that one. That is definitely how i will die. Some sort of mishap But but to. I demand that no one take it that I don't want it to be taken. that seriously. like people can do what they will. I demand a roast of some sort. In in fact like because we're think otherwise you're you're you're curse curse to wander the earth you get your finish business of the internet making fun of you one last time. Yes i want. I want the internet to be fun of me but also in popcorn like this. Oh my god can joke. Moving on put the i like my actual like real thing is like okay if i according according to my idea anyway like if i die take all of my organs and put them in as many people as possible and so they approached. Shot up knowing god forbid my corpse to go somewhere before. It's bloated and the okay. Well an art. How do i have a ridiculous Like a ridiculous funeral that makes any but everybody deeply uncomfortable. If i don't have a body. And i want my body to science because yes you're welcome for my service. But but what. If i had a prestige type situation and i as far as i know. It's difficult to get people to volunteer to have their bodies like examined while they're decomposing. Actually i think there was a Radio bid about this where there's just like field of corporate corpses. You're talking about like vivisection. Vivisection isn't that where you operate. On a living person. And like your. I don't know. I don't watch grey's anatomy as much as the rest of the people in both our families. Did you know. Meredith grey is in catch-me-if-you-can jamila and he really ellen. Pompeo told her she's a steward. Excuse me a flight attendant. After how crazy is that. Gosh surprised. that's weird. So some make use of this vessel. Well what am marshall applewhite. Call it your your vehicle your your box just. I think it'll be sliced bonnie to have. I just think it'd be funny to have to be floating. Vat especially when when a little bit itchy and scratchy like a little bit itchy and scratchy and they pull it your intestines swinging only see. That's that's the thing. I want to be able to have people who are also for logistics plan and enjoy the postpartum post ultimate those pardon but not postpartum depression. You have postpartum elation boy with your. Ooh let's dress rebelling a fancy society lady and served spinach dip out of her ocular sockets.

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