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Secret. I'm I go to all the Marquette university basketball team games. The team had a very very good year. They kinda cratered. The end of the year lost would five out of the last six or six seven got blown out at the first round of the NCW tournament. But but but but they were viewed a lot of the preseason polls and estimates from next year head them as a top ten team. So the breaking news story, and this is. Lance allen. Today's TM j four is reporting that the house our brothers. Sam Houser just finished his junior year. These are both guys from Stevens point Sam Houser just finished his junior year, Marquette, he's younger brother, Joey just finished his freshman year at Marquette, and these were mainstays of the team I would say Sam Houser as junior was the probably the number two go-to guy on the team the guy Marcus Howard was the probably the leader in the big score the team, but Houser was probably the number two guy and Joey house or the brother who just finished his freshman year played played an important role. He got benched more and more is the season went on. And I think you can make an argument that for both of the house, and I I never liked to criticize college kids college kids, I think both of them kind of plateaued a little bit. But but still very very good players in three years at Marquette, the older, brother. Sam Houser everage twelve point seven point seven point, two rebounds and two point four assists. Joey, the freshman had nine point seven point average in five point three rebounds. Both very respectable. The report is that both of them have decided to leave the more kit program and inter the NCWA transfer portal process, what this means is that they will have to sit out a year. So you've got Sam Houser who's who's only got one year left. He's going to have to sit out that year before he can play where he's going to play for Joey house or he'll have three years of eligibility left. But as you looked at the Marquette program, this was I mean, these guys were I think being counted on to progress and be key elements of the team. I don't know what the story is one of the Knox. And I like their coach Steve house-key on on a personal level. I like him a lot one of the issues that have been there. Or is that you know, you've they've lost a number of players over the years for transfers and things like that. So I don't know exactly what the back story is. But in a situation like this. It's not common for a guy. Who's one of your stars who has one year left of eligibility? Sometimes you go to the NBA. All right that that happens, but it's not common for one of the guys one of your stars who has one year of eligibility left to suddenly transfer and his brother goes along with them. I'm sure there's more to this story. Maybe it's a dispute over playing time at cetera et cetera. But there's no way you can look at this and not see this as a blow to the Marquette's men's basketball program for for next year. So we'll be continuing to follow this again. It's Lance Allen reporting that both of the brothers are in fact, leaving leaving work it, then the question becomes how are they going to be replaced? And I don't know if over know the full story about that. But if it's true, it's again, not not a positive not a positive. For the program and get one of these questions that you raised about the coaches, though, you know, what's going on that. You're you have these star recruits, and that you lose them. All right. Let us completely totally switch gears. It always used to be if you wanted to have a political career the way to do that was in your lawyer you start off as a prosecutor, you get a reputation of being tough on crime Rudy Giuliani would come to mind, but certainly not the only one so you get a job at you become the DA, you become the United States attorney that type of stuff you get a reputation as a crime busting no nonsense guy that's going to lock up people. And that's always been the way to success that has changed over the last several years because that the new thing in the minds of some is mass incarceration, we're putting too many people in jail. We are all the jails are full of this and in urban areas, it tends to be disproportionately members of minority groups, and this is just terrible. So you have. More and more. Prosecutors who are I don't know either running for office on or adjusting their theories to say, hey, we want to find alternatives. We wanna take people, and we don't want to put people in jail. We don't want to we want to find alternative ways of keeping people accountable because we don't want to lock up so many people, and this is manifesting itself in all sorts of ways many of which I don't think are good. Here's the latest development. And it comes from the district attorney in Dallas who's one of these touchy feely new, I don't wanna lock people up. I want to try to find all these different alternatives. So he came out last week, and he announced a new policy that was going to be going into effect. He says that you know, he's going to change his bail procedures to let people out on bail and things like that. But here's what he's decided. He is decided that his office is no longer going to prosecute shoplifting cases. If. If the amount stolen is under seven hundred fifty dollars. So if you can he he views this as being a crime of poverty, and he doesn't want to criminalize people who are in poverty. So if you go into a grocery store, and you steal seven hundred and fifty dollars worth of food or liquor or whatever you're not going to be charged criminally. There's the store can sue the store can try to collect its money from you. But they're not going to prosecute you. Now, an exception is if you're stealing stuff to resell. So if you go into a TV store, you steal the TV, and you resell it, then then you might still get prosecuted for shoplifting. But if it's if it's something that you don't intend to sell in other words, you intend to use it. You're not going to be prosecuted and the store will the store is on its own four one four seven nine nine one. Six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line is this a good idea. Is it a good idea to say as a matter of policy, you can go into Costco, or pick and save or send or Kroger or WalMart or target or whatever? And as long as you're not planning to resell the stuff you can steal up to seven hundred fifty dollars worth of merchandise. And don't worry. We're not coming after you four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage, talk and text line. I don't know about you. But if I was if I was a merchant, I would be outraged by this. If I was if I was the local merchant that was, you know, running the coffee store or that was running. I don't know any sort of store that surround their to be told that well if somebody comes in and rip shoe off as long as they don't steal more than seven hundred fifty dollars worth of stuff your. On your own. I would be outraged. I think the system would be a betraying the, but that's just me for one four seven nine nine one six twenty is this a good policy to have. And should we adopt things? Like this in Milwaukee. We discuss in just a moment. Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty a number. It's twelve forty three to Jeff waiter or Jeff Wagner right after this. Every time you.

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