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You check out noticed the display of beef jersey get some it's the best enough presto nearly gale omiss strip links and bogart deserves a looksee then i'll just becher you'll be regular customers dislike we are well you're listening don't he'll outside we got a very special call right now at 40 minutes after the hour let's go now talk to sergeant mike good morning sergeant good morning good morning only are you doing courses the in our sergeant mike bar that correct with the georgia courtroom after resources won't or give the of before we get to the subject of your call uh expand on the following about a free lifetime license drawings can you tell me about that yet check our website for information on that in a moment there were some good opportunities wife who have changed over the past little bit as your birth familiar with and other great great information on that um uh that you can get on our website you can look at our website through a d n r l e for georgia department after resources law enforcement die word in the go right to watson stabbed mental assist you were that okay now what's the subject of your call this morning might leyla i really i know you've got uh callers out though the extend way beyond georgia but this is a little bit related to to georgia in we have a new opportunity for those people that are very strong supporters of conservation in law enforcement innocent new opportunity with purchasing a speciality plate tag for your vehicle in georgia um the law enforcement division has developed a tags were though sportsman that uh that want to show their support for game jordan's in it's out there valuable for free purchase um.

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