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That's going to last me six months cuz I'm not changing these freaking things and buy it again sure. If you can experiment. I love the I've had kids took bought him and they've had coded top and bottom and I go oh my God, I love that or and I loved on a bass drum. I had a Yamaha kit that I got and sold but coded, you know batter head and coded front head off and I loved that sound because I'm always like okay superkick too. Sure with me and then, you know super Mike friendly. Yeah exactly. They're good Universal, but but it's wrong. Really cool to have that that coded on the bottom. That's a great point it just it you know, it controls the drum maybe like two two or three percent. It's basically doing the job of you having like the tiniest package of tape on the bottom head without you having to do it and I find that like that's really useful when most times anything. I'm putting one ply coat of heads on both sides..

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