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Also known as constitution day. marks the anniversary of the ratification of the United States constitution on September seventeenth seventeen eighty seven. dating back to the cost and if the constitutional Congress of the United States in their final meeting and it was to sign the constitution. although the document did not go into effect until two years later on March fourth seventeen eighty nine today is the day to celebrate such a vital piece of documentation in our history. you did not know about the constitution. four thousand four hundred words which sounds like a lot. it is the shortest written constitution of any major government in the world. also happens to be the oldest. of those four thousand four hundred words or any of the misspelled. sure I imagine. right a few and most glaring at least from my vantage point Pennsylvania would say spelled with one again that's where they were. Delaware that place yeah how do you spell over. since nineteen fifty two the United States constitution has been on display in the National Archives building in Washington DC currently all four pages are displayed behind protective glass framed with titanium. and to preserve the parts wants quality the cases contain argon gas are kept at sixty seven degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of forty percent. constitution day Dan celebrates September seventy actual anniversary day the framers signed the document how many presidents. previously or after signed the constitution. answers to George Washington and James Madison. and the oldest person to sign the constitution was Benjamin Franklin eighty one the youngest was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey who was twenty six by the way interesting note I take over you will as well Benjamin Franklin had gal all kinds of physical problems couldn't even walk he was carried an. to the hall for the delegation bye for prisoners. by penitentiary. why go to forum print I don't that's the American way I guess and on a very sad note another US service members been killed in Afghanistan no details of the incident or the identity of the member were given except that the member was killed in action now a defense officials told army times that the fallen soldier was a green beret but did not offer more details this is the seven tenth American combat deaths in Afghanistan this year I. S. number since the end of twenty four teams. why is this some home cell right away another set on the market for months and months with no results because it matters who.

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