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By now. San diego san diego. What do they do. Do you see what they do in that dugout. They're fun they're having fun now. There's no doubt and what he's talking about is that and there's always been that. Latin players have always been criticized hispanic. Latin chris for their flare. Right you remember the bad flip. Some of the other stuff right there were they. Were okay before we go quickly. I don't know if this if you were like this. But when i was growing young kid you know i lived in cincinnati. Obviously the cincinnati reds. Were huge we used to go to games. I consider like dave concepcion and tony perez. I consider them black. I know they weren't there latino but at that time i consider them black. Now i know in the in the official demographics they probably were considered latino players right. But i thought of them as black did you when you were. I didn't now. Because i just think it's a cultural thing. It's not just the color of your skin. It's the food you eat what you believe in. Do you know what i mean. It's more than just that. I think people can lump everybody together and just go by skin color. But that doesn't you came lajoie and black right my. I don't think he's black. Not black american. But he's black okay because they're of african descent day. Biceps tony period. But they don't. But i'm saying what i consider black african americans different than african afro-caribbean whatever but that's all right. I'm not saying that they're not. They are black skin but didn't know their beliefs in what they eat in. You know what i mean and what they celebrate. Different holzer right. It's a different culture that that's really what it is but my point is you know the padres like the whole idea of black played. I remember when people criticize ken. Griffey junior 'cause you wars have backwards. I thought i thought when they did a boss or they should've put on ken. Griffey junior would have had on chris. Backwards you know what. I mean like i really did. Yes i really did. Because he was known for that. Do you know what i mean. And they will play. I'll turn your hat around dude. This where's your show your store ups. You know like the old crotchety guys who was still a part of the old guard and things have changed. I i looked the other day. And i saw tat. Tease hit a home run. Twenty seven seventh home run and the way he went around the basis and the handshakes he did to everybody on into the dugout. And when he got there you see that big chain put on all the players. Yeah yeah i mean. It's a big padre. Gold chain that spill around eric be iraqi or not right in the late eighties. Cloud is going by leave but the crowd is going bonkers. i what. Cc saying we need more of that let people be who they are stopped trying to button up everything. It's a game my god everybody's going to have to respond and act the same. We come with different things. Don't we all bring different things to the party. chris. I i totally agree. And then let's keep your real. Obviously there's a ratio element to this. Which i don't want to minimize but bryce harper's has said the same thing right right down to make up on what happens rob and one that he could win. I are on these. I mean heck. We have a national radio show but we also have been on the tv debate shows for nearly twenty years now. We were on cold pizza. Debating with skip bayless. Okay and early..

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