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News 103.5 FM will never miss a moment Hi I'm Patrick Bengals owner a new look home design People ask me Patrick can I get a new roof in winter Allowing an old roof to sit on replace through winter is not a good decision and unnecessary And new look we use a certified winner installation process that helps shingles bond on the coldest of days and it's the best time to buy Look when we make a big purchase we like to try to pay maybe half up front and the other half later to help ease the cost But that just spaces it out It's still cost the same Well a new look forget the half now Through February you pay half later and the other half never Well say 50% on all roofing materials and pay the other half later with interest refinancing To schedule your in person or virtual estimate call 800 two 7 9 5300 That's 800 two 7 9 5300 New low calm design dot com Through February pay half later and the other half never Here's this week's closing bell report presented by PNC bank The Dow just had as big as one day gains since late 2020 finishing today's session of 835 points at two and a half percent gain The S&P 500 Index rallied two and a quarter percent today and the NASDAQ closed up 221 points at 1.6% gain It was a holiday shortened trading week with two big days of losses even so the Dow ends the week unchanged the NASDAQ gained almost 1% Hi This is Jermaine Johnson regional president for PNC bank At PNC we believe our success is defined by the success we help create for our employees customers and the.

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