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I think years ago and it was. Could you know. You're very close with richard guy. Yeah and who's a whom. I've had the pleasure into last week. Jayson greek on you and very good. But i was better whole knife. I a story when you guys were roommates. Would you please bore these guys. Oh my god i do. I tell the story about the to understand we were sharing. I was living in his apartment Got through a bad break up and it was living in his apartment. And i was unemployed. Actor he was doing the carol burnett. Show the remake of carole. And i watch jeopardy. And your there'd be that you richard loves. He thinks he's a genius. A jeopardy too as you can imagine. So i would watch the east coast feed and then he would come home and then i would just know all the answers for the west coast and he thought he still to this day until he hears. This will have thought that i was the greatest jeopardy player. That's spending all worship richard. If you're listening fuck you back. That's great and i would be home. And i had nothing to do. And he had this little tiny kitten that he would sleep with on his chest and he called the kitty and keep it in the apartment. 'cause we're in hollywood over on hayworth and he was working and i'm waiting for an audition and i go into the bathroom and there's a kitty litter box next to the toilet and it's got catch it in it and i scoop it up and i flush it down the toilet. Going on watching jeopardy. I think and rookie comes home. And he's goes to the bathroom. He comes out. He goes minded. Kitty shit in. I think three days. And i don't say anything i don't know why i just don't say just like and the next day cat. Teach shit is flush the toilet. Richard checks and it goes on for like three or four five days and while you're just trying to be a good roommate right. I've just trying to be a friend at this point. you know. And then he takes the cat to the vet and they'd given this like kitty metamucil to clean your cohen. You understood third. And and so now this little kidneys shitting like fifteen times a day. And i'm scooping i got another do right. I'm i'm really like hardcastle mccormick auditions you know. I got nothing else to doing. So i'm flushing richard checking these flips a cabins back. These feel stomach. Does it feel tight to you. Feel kind of diet me again..

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