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To make it a different player other than Jerry Juice, and let's be honest, This isn't about Drew lock it is about who does Sean watching inquest right now. No quiet. Shawn Watson is a top five quarterback in this league, and you owe it to Broncos country. To explore everything that you can to make this football team what it needs to be. And if you look at this team, it's it's ready to win now. Yeah, they have a lot of youngsters on on offense, but Courtland sentence going into what his third season the offensive line, especially now with Garrett polls, he solidified that left tackle if Juwan James can come back. And be what they thought he was gonna be when they signed him in free agency. You have your right tackle. You obviously have Lindsay and Melvin Gordon. A good 12. Punch it running back. Noah Fant looks like he is going to be an outstanding tied in this team is ready to win on offense and on defense. Obviously, you have on you have Bradley Chub. You have two of the best safeties in the league and Justine Simons and Kareem Jackson. I think finally, once he that he was out there Uh, out at cornerback. You saw what Bryce Callahan congee if he's healthy. Man, this This team is ready to win right now. Plus, plus, you got Shelby Harris doing his thing inside? Yeah, I think if you got just just shown Watson he's the missing piece and you're ready to not only be in the playoffs, you're ready to challenge the chief of the F C West. Wow. We'll see. We'll see. We'll have more on this 5 16 on big Alan Jo Jo miking Coover with you right here, Okay, away news radio, and we checked traffic down Morrissey keeping an eye on things. What are we looking at? Young looking pretty good drive around town. I mean, here in the Metro area's not bad a little bit slow on some of the usual spots that would include right around 25 6000. That would include both sides to 70. And that would include that north at night. 25 drive, and I 76 but really not a lot of problems in the metro area, Not a lot of big backups. But outside the metro area. We got several spots that are tough. If you're heading down to the springs south on I 25 weeks I've gotta crash just after the large for exit yours real slow through there in that construction zone, the Gap project and then eastbound. I 70 tons of people coming back from a nice, long, leisurely three day weekend in the mountains, and they have to endure that eastbound. I 70 drive that. Heavy and slow from Silverthorne all the way through the tunnels and down toward Idaho Springs. Fox 31 pinpoint weather for tonight Scattered snow showers Not gonna amount to much low down to 2035 tomorrow. It's 38 right now, this report.

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