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At two pm winder first baptist church and interment will be at rose hill cemetery immediately following funeral services. How fast you're going. I guess i was going about sixty five tops. Gwinnett place community. Improvement district is expanding its network of flock safety automatic license plate reading cameras community reporter. Jp edwards has the story the community improvement district board of directors recently voted to add more cameras. Fifty cameras were installed in thirty six locations around the c. d. in partnership with the gwinnett county police department last year in the new expansion of that effort will bring that total to sixty three cameras in the district. In addition to the added security cameras the funds daily community patrols resulting in nearly five thousand hours patrolling the area annually. The cameras have been a major help in catching wanted suspects and it operates twenty four hours a day and can send immediate alerts to police officers if they scan license plates from vehicles that are reported stolen as well as plate numbers associated with people who are wanted by law enforcement as of june the gwinnett county police departments central precinct has seen commercial burglaries dropped by forty two percent residential burglaries have dropped over ten percent in car. Break ins have dropped by almost twenty eight percent since the cameras were installed for more on the story visit. Gwinnett daily post dot com. I'm cheap edwards for the gwinnett daily. Post podcast look at me. You think i'm gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop budget golden. No sir. i'm gonna make something of myself. I'm going to night school in one day. I'm going to be somebody that's right. He's going to be there now. That's a good idea. I run for with candidate. Qualifying for municipal elections underway. This week norcross mayor craig. Newton has announced that he will seek a third term as the city's leader mir newton. Who's up for reelection. This fall announced his plans to run for another term on the eve of qualifying which began monday. And all of that city's he became the first african american mayor of gwinnett city after he ran unopposed in two thousand seventeen and he was reelected in a contested race. Two years later. He's a veteran of norcross. Government having served nine terms on the city council. Before he became mayor he also served on the gwinnett chamber's board of directors president of the gwinnett county municipal association and on the norcross and stripling elementary committees for school. Improvement boards the georgia municipal association. Also chose him to be one of three mayors who are serving on. Its excellence in policing committee which is reviewing police departments. Best practices across the state. The twenty twenty one municipal elections are the first elections held in gwinnett. Since new elections reforms. Were put in place earlier this year. The deadline to register to vote in the election is october. Fourth and advance voting will begin october twelfth at norcross city hall. Hello i'm rodney. Scholar and i own a one tires and more in lawrenceville. It's back to school. Time here in gwinnett. And you want to keep your kids safe succumb to a one tires and more for your free brake inspection. All of our work. At one tires and morris guaranteed rest assured we handle every repair with accuracy integrity and honest. You can find us online at a one tires more dot com or give us a call at seven seven zero nine six three eighty three thirty three. We're located directly across from lawrenceville police headquarters and we are a one on your run. The only thing hotter than atlanta this summer is the friends experience. You'll miss your chance to step inside. The world of friends sit on the iconic orange couch dance in front of the fountain. Even sit and monica's kitchen table. Tickets are on sale now and start at thirty to fifty but are only available through september six so grab yours before they're all gone visit friends the experienced dot com slash atlanta to buy tickets and learn more the hall. County sheriff's office is asking for the public's help to find two teenagers who went missing earlier this year in unrelated cases. The sheriff's office believes sixteen year. Old gainesville resident faustino junior sanchez and seventeen year. Old flowery branch resident brandon lease. Groggy are runaways. audino was last. Seen on april twenty-seventh at johnson highschool while brandon was last seen on july fourth and his family reported missing five days. Later there have been reports that mr scroggins has been spotted around may libby drive and ivy springs drive areas which are near his family's home on oakridge drive since july fourth. All county deputies did not indicate that mr sanchez has been spotted. Since april twenty-seventh however sanchez is described as being five feet one inch tall and weighing one hundred fifty pounds with black hair and brown eyes while mr scroggins described as being five feet six inches tall and weighing about one hundred thirty pounds with brown hair and brown eyes photos of both teams have been released by the hall. County sheriff's office. Anyone who has information on their whereabouts is asked to contact the police. Georgia's health agency will more than double the number of temporary hospital staff to help cope with the current surge in cova nineteen patients. The department of community health will commit one hundred twenty five million dollars in addition to five hundred million dollars. The state already is spending to increase state supported hospital staff at sixty eight hospitals across georgia. Virtually every hospitals most pressing issue is a lack of qualified staff to treat the patients coming through their doors. Nurses respiratory therapists ac- personnel. Just to name a few october of this year the state coordinated through the department of community health is already completed committed. Five hundred million dollars to provide thirteen hundred staff on ongoing basis to sixty eight hospitals across our state to expand those efforts. I'm announcing today that commissioner naga and her team will increase the total number of state supported hospital staff from thirteen hundred to twenty eight hundred specifically one hundred. Seventy of the new staff will go to rural hospitals. Commissioner of community health kaley inaugural and her team have also identified four hundred fifty beds in nine regional coordinating hospitals. That will soon be available for the new staff. Being deployed to treat. Patients governor kemp's decision to increase hospital staff was based on input during the last week from hospital. Ceos the additional hospital staff will be provided through a continuation of the states. No bid contract with a private. Alfred obey staffing firm jackson healthcare and a subsidiary. The governor also announced the state's offices will be closed on friday september third in advance of labor day to encourage state employees who have not been vaccinated to schedule a shot on or before that day. Why by kia mall of georgia. We provide award winning. Customer satisfaction have been a family owned business for over twenty years buying or leasing with us as fast and easy and you could get pre approved online enforce simple steps we offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory trained technicians make servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. 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