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In here. Scott Fitzgerald. Hey, You bet Tony what a great time to talk about the National Basketball Association. Of course, May and June always means playoff time in the N B, A and Well, now it's different this year with the new playing games. That was the case last night in the nation's capital as the Indiana Pacers were on the road to mourn. I left the lanes back up from Bradley Beal catch and shoot for three. It's there. It's there. Dave Johnson on W. F E D is the Washington Wizards are advancing to the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs after crushing the Pacers. 1 42 to 1 15 in the eighth seed playing game in Washington Bradley bill dropping in 25 points to lead the Wizards, who will meet up with top seeded Philadelphia in Round one beginning on Sunday. Russell Westbrook had 18 points, 15 assists and eight rebounds in the wind paces forward Doug McDermott admits they just couldn't slow down Beale or Westbrook. We allowed them to get in transition. You know, I was tuning out Westbrook and deal Two guys like that. They're so tough to guard. You know, they got out in transition, and you know they're getting offensive rebounds and just driving right by Malcolm Broad didn't score 24 points in the season ending setback, taking it from the hard went outside of the diamond. Shall we NC double A softball tournament play gets underway today and their three local teams involved. 19th, ranked Kentucky will host North Western Conference USA champion Western Kentucky is in Athens to battle host Georgia and OVC Conference champion Eastern Kentucky. In Knoxville to take on 18th ranked Tennessee as we were telling you yesterday, this year's tournament is full of local high school representation, most specifically the male Bulldogs. They lead the way with four players in the tournament this year. Jalen Sanders, Jasmine Miller and Morgan Zuko all play for Eastern Kentucky. Well, Kelsey, how chins is playing for Western Kentucky assumption has two players in postseason play Jordan Ridge. She plays for Western Kentucky and Braxton Downs, who yesterday had a double and a home run led to Ohio, Dominican to a 17 to win over Trevecca Nazarene, the D two tournament on the campus of Grand Valley State University. The Panthers are back at it today against Hillsdale. Also participating in NC double a softball tournament play today. Arjun A. Riley from manual she plays for Eastern Kentucky and Elizabeth Huckleberry who played at Spencer County. She now plays for S I U. She and the Huskies are in Tempe today to take on Arizona State under racing. Now NASCAR has descended on what is traditionally home for Formula One in North America. That would be Austin, Texas, is circuit of the Americas and what's said, They say that the corners are made up of some of the best. Formula One corners in the world and for NASCAR driver Austin Dillon. Who motors the number three. Richard Childress is Chevrolet. He admits there some tight turns in this one turn 11. Is on to the main backstretch. Both of those I feel like lengthening the straightaways as much as you can is huge into the stadium section on the downhill breaking zone, leaving the last corner and then the one before the big straightaway. The three that I see that will be most important action get started tomorrow afternoon with Louisville's own Ben Rhodes in the Toyota Tundra to 25 at one o'clock on Fs one. That's part of the camping World Truck series. The Holy Cross High School. Long currently sits second in the Serie standings and has seven top 10 finishes in eight starts. Half of those are top five. That's we'll Get your sports now. At news radio 8.

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