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There are a lot of people that wanted to buy. subprime leads and there are a lot of affiliates and you had a fish in the dirty pools of the sewers to find people that didn't deserve mortgages mortgages. Can they connected so I was working. I was working with his phillies. And they were getting fifty thousand dollar checks a month and they were driving arriving all their traffic with SEO. So I decided what they were doing with so much more interesting than when I was doing and I started reverse engineering their processes. I get on the phone with them. My the goal was to get them to drive more leads but instead I was like tell me. Where do you do keyword research like? How do you get back links? How'd you pick your domain name? And then I started doing it on the side Haydn. Pretty much built a career in that from their situation. So I know you're going to be talking about a provocative area of SEO here the Internet summit and I wondered if you could tell us for those the art care at the Internet summit why are the Basic Seo practices. Just not working against your practice have been the same from when I started doing the same as those affiliates told me to do pick some keyword research put them in your title tag. Put that content on your website build some links to it so that was the basics. Hasn't changed since Google started but everything everything about Google has changed so I live in Silicon Valley and the streets around my house are teeming with self driving cars made by Google. Google more than any other company has is is driven more miles. self-driving than anybody else so they've driven five billion miles in the last nine years. So they're using their technology to make decisions that literally save lives and prevent deaths. They can make a right on red. They want to make a right on red. They know when someone's running across the street they know when there's a ball on the street they drive over they know and there's a kid in the street they should it then all these things yet. We treat Google on the search side as if they're really dumb and we can trick them so that's where Seo has to change people talk about. Oh it's all about the user and user intense google actually is using AI so they're like a fake user we need to think about. Google has another user who can read content and can process thoughts and understand understand holiday. And that's what a not a lot of people incorporating and so that's the best practices. Does that mean that there is kind of a need to not just stuff your keywords words in your content but actually right good content that humans would like to read amazingly yes we actually have to write good content. That people could read here. There's this thing called eat. Google said you need to have in your content has to be expertise and authoritative and trustworthy. And then I've had clients asked me like did I put enough. Eat into my content antenna like are are you real. If you real then. You shouldn't ask that question like did I managed to pretend that I'm real either. You're real or you're not real and that's square when it comes like Seo Best Practices people focus too much on like. Did they check all the boxes. Have they managed to trick Google and really if you can manage to trick users then then you will definitely trick google. So if you're thinking stricking somebody tricked users and then your Dougal interesting. What should practitioners do? I know you're I think you're going to talk about a four four step process so I love to use data for making decisions around. Seo So my favorite tools. Google search console so my force processes really get rid of any idea best best practices being the way to work. Then we wanted data and the data uses for coming from Google search console. It shows you the key words. You already driving traffic from your keyword research. It shows you the or else driving traffic. Those rows WANNA focus on it shows you the keys. You're getting impressions on those Deke. Ridge want to focus on and get more traffic more higher rankings more people clicking it shows you the click rate from Google. If that's not good work on improving the click through rate by updating your titles then moving on from there taking that data data and using it to grow so turning those keywords into new content looking around your industry seen what kind of content people already writing. There's this advice you need a thousand words long form content in order to rank you don't need long form content of no one else has long form content. There's advice you need to have images images of no one else in the industry as images and then from there you're putting in the process of experimentation so just like with any other product you can you experimentation where you WanNa know. What should the price be? Let's raise the price. Let's let's lower the price which changed the call to action and the same thing should be done for. Seo It should never be this process where it's Seo d- and done like I they worked inside companies. There's always distinct from engineers like. I'm done this thing can you. Seo It there is no seo it's continuous process. If you've done an experiment Pinhas works bigger how to tweak that experiment to make it even better and continue to drive more traffic from and really as these is running experiments. You should have learnings from it that you should be able to translate translate into something else. Well I'm a big fan of SEO. I guess in the fact that it's an asset. Just keep giving and giving and giving if you do it right right yeah my favorite favorite stat around. Seo Is there's a number floating around the Internet about how their full percent of clicks from search go. Ats It's only four percents. So good was driving one hundred billion dollars year off a four percent of clicks. Now we can't multiply that four percent times twenty-five organic number because there's a certain amount of searches that are just searches for information and let's be conservative. Multiply ten trillion dollars. There's a trillion dollars in organic search value. So I think that's continued to grow Google's doing self driving cars 'cause they want us to use the Internet more not because they think we're suddenly going to start searching less so this protecting their turf. They're having cars putting these devices license in our houses so we can speak to them and do more searches. There's a certain amount of search that exists today for years now. I don't know that it's GonNa to exit but it's certainly going to be a a lot bigger than it is today awesome. Are there examples either from your prior work. I know you're formerly with survey monkey most recently but other I think you done other clients silence as well in the past and now any examples come to mind on people that are getting it right my favorite example of somebody that's getting ready to tripadvisor so they One with with a key to success or tripadvisor that could imitate as they actually got into twenty years ago. So if you WANNA do that usually get into early. Should find that space and get into Amazon. Did the same thing while every other e commerce company. They weren't even ECOMMERCE. They would just retail. We're trying to figure out. Should they do the Internet. Should they not do the Internet. We're only doing internet. We're we're GonNa do this thing and then you know when target got around it they're like Oem's number one walmart and still not really rounded Amazon's number one chip advisors like that they dominate on all. That travel search except supervisor does is they continue to experiment on trying to improve the clicks and trying to improve the products like one search. I like doing. My kids always liked to go to hotel that has named or poor so then get swimming at night. And they're pages trip advisors for every single city of hotels of indoor pools. So they're continuing to iterative on the kind of content they have and the kind of pages are creating and the title tags the Meta descriptions to get you to click through on that content and then from a client perspective. I recently worked with shutter stock. And they're the kind of product I really loved love to work on Brescia because they have. I think it's something like twenty million your else so you can't go in and write anything. For twenty million euros that all has to be programmatic and all and their contents all commoditised duplicated pictures of picture. It's the same on shutters talking on getty and every other smaller photo site. So the you're out the puzzle there and how to make shutter stock for the most part ranked higher than their competitors. Because there's no way to really guarantee a high-ranking for the most part like what are you going to put in place like those are fun challenges. Yeah that's a huge challenge. I never thought about the aspect of the programmatic. Seo Out of you tweak it to make it even better at that scale. Yes so everything I do with. Mike Line is programmatic SEO. I don't typically do keyword research and content marketing. It's really I'm working with companies where there is a scalable approach. They just need to figure. Got That skeletal approach and they need to make it so. Usually I'm doing product consulting where the company I'm working with. You may have a large corpus contents that they WANNA release publicly. Maybe coming from an APP but they don't know what they should release. What are the pages? They should create where two languages they should focus on. They may have multiple languages. Do they want to have multiple languages when they create their websites. Those are decisions to make. And if you make the wrong decision probably won't find out for a year. It's a bit. It's a gamble. It's a big win. How do you think? Seo Fits into the overall overall marketing. Mix so I think it's a channel so for you. Think about all the channels. This is the one that for. Many large companies is the one that they invest the least and so the one they invest the most system is obviously paid marketing and interestingly throughout the time that I've been doing seo and then through the time maybe doing SEO consulting paid marketing is getting more expensive because Google and facebook shareholders and they keep raising raising it. They need to pass more value onto their shareholders. There's also a facebook and Google had a privacy pivot because they've had privacy problems. They create their privacy pivot. It becomes illegal or just no longer able to target on things. You shouldn't have been able to target on to begin with to say you only want to target high income people to sell the mortgages breakages. And you're able to do that before on facebook. Now you're not able to so you actually have to target low income people to and they're also going to click on your ad and they're also going to cost you money so your prices. This is overall are going up same time. We have companies like Uber Fed by every impression on on facebook so that just makes it more expensive for everyone. That does not wanNA buy more impressions. So what I'm seeing is that it's more and more companies are looking to invest in this channel they way companies. Seo is they google that they found some best practices guide. And they're like okay. We need to have a title track. So we've done SEO but they didn't put someone in that actual seat. They've made anybody responsible for it. So now it's a marketing channel. They're starting to one had some responsible for their starting to one. Have someone and grow that channel so it really. It's a channel and because it's in many cases solo effort. It's been ignored channel. Right totally agree. People underestimate the value of its much much like content marketing. Frankly a lot of people underestimate that as well so interesting to see your thoughts last question for you. What do you think the future search will be? They they keep changing right. Yes so Koogle's ultimate goal is a which means that they want to be like humans so the same way a human will do a search and say well. That's that's not what I was looking for. And they'll refine their search the same way human will do a search and say well. I don't like the first five results alike result number six and they click into result number six six and they say well. That's not exactly what I was looking for. I want to go back and look for something else. I want to do another search so google can't really get there yet. Because they can't understand content they can read content tint they can put context together so the kind of words are on the page. They can feel what's about the images on the page. I love talking about this with people that have iphones and android Pixel may also they get to see really what Google is produced. There's an APP on android. Call Google Lens which you take a picture of something in. It'll tell you what it is so I think there'll be more and more divers searches so google can recognize images. They don't need all texts to tell you what images recognize image. I can take a picture of a product a product.

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