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We've got an amazing offer here today. And if you are one of the 1st 1000 callers we are going to send you your very own 30 Day starter bottle of mag blue for less than $10. It's just 9 95. We're also going to give you free shipping free shipping less than 10 bucks. What have you got to lose? Call us now, Our reps are standing by to take your order. There's no obligation so call right now. 1 800 to 18 60 30 again 1 800 to 18. 60 30 Jan. Let me ask you about, Um, this is one of the best studies that you'll ever see on magnesium. It's a Harvard study. 40,000 men. They looked at them over a period of 12 years. What an incredible study and what the investigators found was a very positive relationship between magnesium. And heart health. We haven't really talked much about heart health, but this is incredible. There's another study. I want to point out they looked and women aged 47 to 75. That is our customers age right there. That's our age group. That's was listening right now. And they found that higher magnesium and take was associate ID with a healthy heart rate and also Believe it or not, with healthy blood, sugar balance, even healthy cholesterol level. So for cardiovascular health, This is one of the best things you can do. Jan. Connect the dots. Why is magnesium so important for our hearts? J again? It goes that concept that calcium constricts magnesium relaxes. We can't Because our diet is usually a little too rich with calcium related type foods, and we don't get that magnesium. If we don't have that ability for our blood vessels to relax for our heart to relax, How can we experience that healthy Heart rhythm? You know, Magnesium wasn't the diet a century ago, but it's not here now, and it's very hard for us to get it. I think it its core. Magnesium is the most unheralded off all of the heart nutrients. And, of course that includes fish, oil and coke. You 10, They're important. But if you miss out on the magnesium and your muscles air are kind of.

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