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In Florida. Giving you a recap of the most grown worthy stories. This weekend. I don't have a lot of times. Let's get into it. Let's take a trip around the sunshine state and see some of the craziness that happened in the past few days or so, and they they've done no Florida finally has a shining light upon them. We did some good. Yeah Florida emerges as bright spot in covid nineteen fight. You didn't think we could do it. they say the case and death numbers point to something. Many may find surprising, because we're not as much of a hot spot as New, York California or Michigan and there are fewer cases per capita than other heavily impacted states, such as Louisiana the according to Johns Hopkins University Florida has had a total of one hundred seventy six cases per hundred thousand people compared to Louisiana at six, hundred and forty four, and so as the stuff starts opening up there. They've figured. Figured out who will be the first to open a poker room? which we big when they do. Yeah, I mean a lot of people want to get their gamble on, but that's one of those things where you're. You're touching cards, your elbow to elbow with people, but a Tampa Bay poker room said they are opening next week. They might be one of the first in the country. Do this Derby. Lane announced on its website. Not your cousin. No, no relation to me. Derby Lane said it will restart live greyhound racing on Friday eighth, and the card room will open with limited operations. Monday may eleventh. The Greyhound got shut down. I think this is the last year they can do it, and I they the most of the Greyhound. Facilities were going to be shut down anyway because they couldn't operate during the pandemic. Let's be real here. The greyhound racing make sense. The horse racing makes sense. You don't need people there for that, and you could just watch it and bet on and stuff, but the poker room. That's GonNa be a lot more difficult. There is a professor of management at USF. Told eight on your side over our friends at Wfan. They said the racing side is no problem. They've got plenty of room there, but they said a poker room cannot safely reopen calling it the Petri dish of pandemic, so we'll see how that goes. There is a sheriff. Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony Who's. Having a little bit of issues right now because he's for reelection sheriff and he's had to go on the record after a watchdog news group. Came back and reminded him that. Hey, either way back in nineteen ninety-three. Didn't you kill a guy? Pulled a straight up ceiling on this man, he's been keeping the killing the secret for years, but the sheriff had to go on the record and he spoke to a local. TV Station at the headquarters over there Bso, and he said it was a violent encounter that he and his brother endured, it was may of nineteen ninety-three when and he in self-defense shoot and kill an eighteen year old man that was threatening to shoot him and his brother. That's the same guy who's in the picture where those topless women that we talked about Oh, so he's having multiple issues going stuff going on over in Marion County. There's a man who. Wanted to make awareness of juveniles on dirt bikes, tormenting the neighborhood and you know there's ways you could make awareness. You could call the police. You could put up some signs maybe have. Some some training on how to facebook page not torment the neighborhood a petition. But he didn't go that route instead they say he fired his. A are fifteen multiple times because a group of juveniles on dirt bikes were tormenting. So, Florida. Just making this making awareness, everything's cool. Do you make awareness you raise awareness, he said. He wanted to make it right as A. Normal people that wouldn't fire a gun like that would be just raising awareness, but he was making it and making it hard. Deputies say they were called to a area of southeast, one, seventy, four, who cares street in Ocala Sunday to investigate reports of dirt bikers, driving recklessly as deputy Anthony Esquivel was investigating. The juvenile's told him that forty-five-year-old Derek. Roberts had fired in fifteen. Fifteen toward them Roberts claim to the victim, said threatened to shoot him, and had run their dog off a road a week prior causing the canines or run straight into offense and hurt his rate, so w say Robert admitted to firing six rounds from his glock into his yard after the tenth blanking time they pass by just to make awareness and not necessarily raise it. So He's rested on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill have our parents of the Day Harran Saf. And those are in Hillsborough County. Where they say the Hillsborough County School district did not have enough food for students. Because of some greedy individuals, you know how a lot of the schools despite being closed, have been giving out the meals to kids who would normally be on free and reduced lunch, yeah. These parents took those meals and sold the come on. The school district said some people were visiting multiple sites. Receive, free, food, and then selling it for profit. Constituents were coming through the line at multiple schools and taking away food from children in need. This is Superintendent Addison Davis talking. My job is to take care of everyone students. Every single day families could receive one pound of lunch, meat loaf of bread, milk, juice and other snacks, and there were parents that were just showing up to all the different locations than food, trying to flip them online, which is a scum bag thing to do? If you were driving down the interstate and you had a tire blowout. or You thought somebody was shooting at you. You would naturally just call the cops immediately. Probably, the right move would be the right moves Martin if if it was you sean or you Sabrina driving as you normally do. It wasn't a very smart move for this guy. He's from Florida, but we've exported him to Oregon. And he was driving around on interstate five. He thought he'd been shot at, but it was actually a tire blowout, so he called the cops, and they came and found thirty thousand dollars in cash and a whole bunch of weed are so he unfortunately will not be holding onto that and he was arrested on the spot. That's it for this week in. Florida, thank you see lane back in just a moment with your dispatches. What are you thinking about today? What's going on in your world? Let us know search for the news junkie in the APP store. Now those are next stay. Put News Junkie on real radio. Yes. Did you gotTa make mixed drinks? Math lesson real radio..

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